Why Birds Sing by LLM

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Why Birds Sing


    If you ask a bird why it sings a different song than another, it will sing its song. What it is trying to tell you is that it is all because of the song of a girl named Kathleen Abernathy.  This is the story they are trying to tell. 

     Around a hundred years ago, in the woods of Northern Minnesota, all the birds sang the same song. If you went out into the woods, that song is all you would hear. You would never hear a different noise come out of the birds’ mouths. If someone told you they had heard a different song, you would snort in their face and call them a liar. But, this was a time before Kathleen Abernathy went into the woods. 

    The day Kathleen Abernathy went into the woods started like any other day. The birds were all singing their one song. They were in perfect unison as always. Then something stopped them. It was a girl with golden hair and bright blue eyes. She had just walked into the woods and had made the birds stop in surprise and shock. 

    Kathleen had gone into the woods for an adventure. And  she was about to find one. Kathleen walked into deeper and deeper into the woods. The birds can out of their homes in the trees to watch her as she went by.  

    Eventually, Kathleen got lost. She was near a very tall try that housed many birds, when she realized it. As reality struck her, she sank down to the trunk of the tree. Kathleen sat there for what seemed like hours. Then, she finally got herself together. She started to hum just a few notes. But soon it became over twenty. 

    Kathleen made her own melody. She started to walk through the trees in the way, she was sure she had come. The whole time, she was singing. The birds all around her picked up the tune. They had never heard a human voice before and wanted to remember it. 

    Eventually, Kathleen made her way out. After she left, the birds continued to sing, but soon it was like a game of telephone. The birds repeated what the others sang. Over time it changed. 

    Each bird has a different version of Kathleen Abernathy’s song. They pass it on. The create a beautiful harmony. And, that is why all birds don’t sing the same song. They still sing their songs today, in the same perfect harmony. 


A/N This isn't at all close to my best work. Just a quick thing I had to write for school. I am thinking of making a short story for just here!

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This is absolutely amazing. You should publish it as a feature in the magazine!
answered Oct 20 by Kitten (284,200 points)
selected Oct 20 by lunalovegoodmolly
Awww Thanks.. Will do.
Why Birds Sing by LLM for Mag

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