Intro Draft: "The King Who Cried Sheep"

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hiyya! Okay, well, I've been promising to do this for a while then that idea just flunked. SO, I remade it, and Kitten said it would be in the magazine? I don't know haha. Anyways, this is the intro, and F/n is the draft part of me developing a character. If you want your character design as her, just comment: 3 And it will also be longer...once it is edited lol...

Intro Draft

The warm water trickled over Crimson's hand as she looked down at the puddle, now drinking slurping from her hands. Her eyes were darkened by the silence of the alleyway down the cobblestone road. Her eyes were directed to much a well that was made of brick, old with grime all over it. As an appearance, a man came over her, shadowing her view. "Carac, what are you doing here?" Crimson said softly at the tall, broad man who stood below average. 

"Young girl, this place isn't for you." And with that, the man that hadn't yet shown his face had swept her petite body with one swipe, now the place had a warm feeling as she flung her what seemed like skinny arms around his neck for a nice grasp. "I was with a maid's family, it was nice of them," smiled Crimson, but soon enough to was to be overcome but his mindless grunts, "Y'know, there are mad people?" 

Crimson didn't smile, stead rudely but one of her hands on her midriff, now laughing at his thoughts. "No, they would never. They are rather kind people from the area, her mother is from foreign lands but..." She didn't continue in front of the knight-like figure's eyes that were only shown. They were light, vibrant blue that was huge orbs. He left the young girl on the ground, now taking out something that covered the honey-dripped sun from his view. "Soon enough, were going to have to find Ironess Island near the West." With that, both of them knew what it meant. The Queen; who was no saint, much more a devil was going to be secretly killed, it was a perfect idea on they didn't know what was coming. 

"The king!"

Spoke of the man with a tongue of Greece. "He's not going to help us in this war, how about a settlement?" Crimson had little to no idea what that even meant. A few guards dressed in black with armor draped over them, breastplates of steel and eyes peeking out only. It was fear that ran through Crimson in that very moment the guards took her by one of her small, thin arms. "Aye! What is this?!" Protested Carac, now with fear in his blue eyes that stung like yellow hornets--but not to the guards that laughed. To count, there were at least five of them. Crimson's face was filled with fear, that the king must have thought of this! she thought, now wiggling her way out of the black leather gloves. 

"King Casper demands it, they are going on a hunt for his father." The words jumbled in Crimson's head as her clothes had ruffled in the yellow sand below her feet. Even then, her collar was choking her, and the lacing was being undone. Her long white hair tangled as one guard pulled it down, a screech of pain quickly spewed from her thin lips. "That {edited out}." Muttered Carac under his breath, now prevailing from the little to no exit he had. He stood down, which seemed he was surrendering to the guards. "Goodman," said the dark-skinned guard who held Crimson firmly. He loosened his grasp, now the young girl straying away to Carac.

"Now, where is F/n?" asked one guard, eyes dark brown as his beard seeped through his mask. Now with one swing, this guard was able to hit Carac, his glove made of silver left a red spot on Carac's face as he looked in shock. On the other hand, Crimson was tidying in her long, silver hair with her golden white-rimmed clip; finally steadily standing. "F/n isn't in miles." She spat as her voice deepened greatly, it was more a strong mutter under her breath. Carac looked in shock at Crimson, now is not a very good one as he rubbed his pale hand over his burned cheek as he swallowed, "As a knight of the guard, I have more power than you, and I must see to the king and the nobles." The fully covered in shimmering clothes just laughed as one cocked their heads to a loud banging.

"The rest of them are here!"

Screamed one elderly woman as trumpets played on the streets as carriages and horses galloped against the ground. The guards put their hands behind their backs, the silver and golden carriage with falcons shined brightly, over the windows were velvet draped blood-red as a lean hand pulled aside the arranged 'curtains' that were thick to reveal her [eye color] eyes peeking from the square window. The streets were busy with chatter as Crimson was unable to hear what came out of her lips, instead comrades standing in the ways as they opened the pure golden handle and bowed. "My lady," he said as the lady in the carriage nodded, taking up her shining silver dress and bright yellow stitches to form falcons. "Thank you," she said forcefully, now picking up one side of her dress and looking down at her well-made shoes.

thanks for reading! 

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I can add a character! Ummmmm... she's young, has redish  orangeish hair, has blueish grey eyes... and has a calm personality. Her name could be Fallyn (pronounced Fallen).


BTW liked it!!! ;D
commented Oct 21, 2019 by im kanye (374,590 points)
Thanks a lot! I'll creds you :D
commented Oct 21, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (292,470 points)
commented Oct 21, 2019 by im kanye (374,590 points)

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