Do you want to be drawn?

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I have decided to draw as many people as I can on here. If you want a quick draw of you fill out this form

Hair: style, cut, length, bangs no bangs, color


Outfit: most likely just shirt showing


Eye brows

asked Oct 21 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (116,430 points)

2 Answers

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Can you draw Nyan cat as me lol
answered Oct 21 by Kitten (271,510 points)
Well try soon.
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Pls draw me!

Hair: light brown, slightly below shoulders, side layers only on the left, no bangs, down

Eyes: light brown

Outfit: heather grey shirt

No glasses

Eyebrows, thick, light brown

I have light skin. Can you draw me blushing, I always am! Most of the time i wear a simple necklace with either a cat, oval, or heart charm.

answered Oct 21 by Coffee Cake
Okay. I will do it after school!

Thanks uwu tomatoe omg i love the tomatoe emoji

Here ya go. Sorry it is sideways.
Thx! That looks AMAZING omg. I love to draw. I am super heavy handed, though, so anything i draw has, like, eraser lines on it.That is amazing, it actually looks a lot like me!
:) that happens to me sometimes... if you ever want another drawing just ask

Thx, I will! Just wondering, do you think i should post my art? tomatoe


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