A Guide To KidzTalk 2019

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Welcome to Kidztalk. If you want to know how to use the forum, let's dive right in.

Ways to get points:

Badges: 0 points 

Posting a question: 20 points

Selecting the best answer to your question: 30 points Your Question Is Upvoted:    + 10 points

Posting an answer: 40 points

Having your answer selected as the best: 300 points!

Your Answer Is Upvoted:    + 20 points

Voting up a question or answer:  10 points

    KidzTalk Ultimate Essential Handbook

by  EmeraldJazzi  Revised by  Kitten

To get an account, type in your username, password, and email. Then click Register. To log in, do the same thing. When it knows you have logged in, it will say Hello (your username). It will also remind you of your updates. It will also remind you to log out soon (if you want to). You can earn bronze, silver, and gold badges. An example of a bronze badge is: "100 Club". An example of a silver badge is "1,000 Club". An example of a gold badge is "10,000 Club". You can earn a single badge more than once! You can see your badges when you click on your username if it is dark green. Another thing that happens when you click on your username is it tells you how long you have been a KidzTalk user, it allows you to see all of your questions, it allows you to see all of your answers, and more! You can click on other KidzTalk usernames to view their accounts if their names are dark green. It allows you to change the color of your text. You can favorite questions when you click on the heart above them. You can undo hearts!

If You get enough points, you can get on the leaderboard and even become #1. 

You need 25,000 points to get an advice column and about 1,000 for a blog. 

Benefits to registering to kidztalk

By KidzSearch

Not having to complete the "I'm not a robot" challenge question for every post.

- Automatically getting e-mailed when your question is answered.

- Helps to screen out users posting with the same username as yours, since you will have points associated with your account.

- You can participate in KidzTalk contests.

- Have a chance to be ranked by us and even get on our top users list.

- Get KidzTalk perks, like your own Advice Column, Blog, etc. once you have enough points.

More tips:




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That’s really good! Wish i’d had that like a month ago!
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answered Oct 26, 2019 by arkzo (401,290 points)
Very nice guide!

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