ADHD... as requested by Coffee Cake by LLM Studio

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asked Oct 28, 2019 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (321,240 points)

A/N: I don't want to say anything bad. And this is going to be done as though it is on the radio. 


LLM: Today we are talking about ADHD. A very misunderstood topic. This was requested by Coffee Cake.

LLM: ADHD is a real thing for starters. 

M: What is it?

LLM: Its complicated to explain in normal words... and not sound like wikipedia but we will try. It is a common non-discrimative disorder. Whatever that may mean. And yes these are facts I found on the internate.

M: Let's try to figure out what it means. Boy, I wish I was outside on a walk or even sleeping. 

LLM: Good idea Molly. ADHD, AD/HD and ADD all refer to the same thing.... interesting. *reading off of phone* Diagnosing it is a complex process. 

M: Everything in life is complex. They are probably just to lazy to do it all at once. *stretches out back legs* 

LLM: Molly! Stop being a know-it-all. 

M: I am smarter than most dogs. 

LLM: *ignoring Molly* This seems important. ADHD IS NOBODY'S FAULT!! So public services anouncement: Don't get mad at someone for having it or blame them for it. OK back to the program. 

M: What even are the effects of it?

LLM:It has impulsive symptons. In children they can lead to problems with self-control and self-censoring. 

M: Sounds like a lot of dogs I know. 

LLM: *blocking Molly out* WELL I THINK THAT IS ALL! 

M: Great. 

LLM: If we made anyone feel bad or anything please tell us so we can see our mistakes. Also please request the next topic! Good bye! See you soon!


Production by LLM Studio 

Distributed by KS Type Shows

Written by LLM


The Gem Type Shows by GEMHeart (current at time of broadcast)

Lollypopqueen's old type shows (no longer on)

KnightStar's Type Show (no longer aired)

GH was my inspiration and kind of a partnering show. A special shoutout to Gem and Mr. P. 

commented Oct 29, 2019 by Lemony The Bean (122,620 points)

Thanks so much LLM! That was really accurate and helpful! I love all of your type shows. tomatoe

commented Oct 29, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (321,240 points)
Aww thanks. No problem

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answered Oct 29, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (291,430 points)
Best answer
Thanks for the shoutout!
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answered Oct 28, 2019 by arkzo (425,040 points)
Very nice broadcast!
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answered Oct 28, 2019 by Pumpkin (708,440 points)
Thanks for spreading awareness

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