Cats by LLM Studio as requested by Kitten (rewrite)

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LLM: Hello! Okay. I know I already made a post about cats but not RADIO STYLE! So thanks to Kitten. Now on with the show. 

M: So I heard we are talking about cats. 

LLM: Yup Molly. Aren't you excited? We are going to talk about facts, opinions and SO much more. 

M: *sarcasticly* Great. I would much rather take a nap. 

LLM: Well to bad. Get yourself excited! *pulls out script* I have printed out facts to talk about. I think we will even talk about kittens!

M: Can we talk about dogs?

LLM: I will put it on the list for ideas for shows. The first fact is: Cats are one of the most, if not over all, popular pet. 


LLM: I will look it up. *pulls out phone* There are so many. One has Fresh water fish as first. Dogs and cats are always close. Cats beat dogs on this list. 


LLM: *keeps talking over Molly* Wow! It says there are over 500 million demestic cats in the world. 

M: *still upset*

LLM: Wait till you hear this. They sleep 13 to 14 hours A DAY! 

M: *monotone* wow. 

LLM: *ignoring her lack of excitement* I KNOW! 

M: *curls up on chair* 

LLM: *lowers Molly's mic so she can still be heard* 

M: I wanna sleep. 


M: Ugh... Just get on with the show. 

LLM: Well, my opinion on cats is that DOGs are way BETTER.

M: *jumps up in excitement* Finally someone is in their right mind. I love to chase cats. 

LLM: *ignoring Molly* What lowered my opinion of them is the fact that my Grandma's one cat was really mean. 

M: as they all are. 

LLM: That isn't true.

M: *shrugs* Suit yourself. I have a story.

LLM: Tell it. 

M: So, LLM went to an animal shelter camp. AND SHE CAM HOME SMELLING LIKE KITTENS! She betrayed me. 

LLM: I wouldn't call it...


LLM: You need to calm down. *picks up blanket*

M: *scared* Noooooooooo... not the the the blanket of.... dome!

LLM: Can I trust you?

M: Yes......

LLM: *drops blanket* Well that is all for now. Please tune in to our next show! 

M: Bye! I can't wait to take a nap....

LLM: Good B...

*recording stopped by Molly as she leaves* 




Recorded in LLM Studio

Published by KidzSearch Internation Broadcasting Company

Please see Gem's Show which is our sistering type show. 

asked Oct 29 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (128,120 points)

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I love this!!!
answered Oct 31 by Kitten (286,110 points)
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