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hi guys you may have seen my other reminders for the art competition that I am showing the results at by the end of the month.

Can more people put in their art please?


asked Nov 8 in Art & Music Contests by Jabber (11,900 points)

2 Answers

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Can I post my entry on KidzNet? Kidztalk doesn't work for me when I try to share images :/
answered Nov 8 by Queeny (88,550 points)
of course! You can send it to me, my username on KN is also Jabber or you can just post it under the name November art competition.
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I can join! Don’t be disappointed if I can’t though, November is a really busy month for me.
answered Nov 12 by aʀтiรт ɢiяl (17,790 points)
that is totally fine

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