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This is a guided meditation. Get a friend to read this to you. If you don't have anyone to read it to you, you can record yourself reading it and then play the recording.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in then out. Keep doing that. Focus on your breathing. On your next breath in imagine there is a car in front of you. It is your favourite colour and has your name on it. You get into the car. It is powered by gratefulness. Think about the things you are grateful for.  Keep focusing on your breathing. The car starts to move. You look out the window. The scenery is beautiful. Think, what does it look like? Soon you arrive. This place is amazing! You love it. You feel comfortable, it's fun, your best friends are there, everyone accepts you, if you want something it magically appears. Think about this place. Think about what you are doing in this place. Think about what's in this place. Think about the sounds. On your next breath out, gently open your eyes. Did this help you relax?

I created that one so it might not be great but you can find some good ones online.
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Ok so I have a question. What does meditation do for you? Does it help you get all the stress out? Or relax? I have tried it once (Not this one) but I usually end up really tired.
answered Nov 9 by Kitty_Kat (25,830 points)
Yeah it helps you to destress and relax. Is really good for you. Don't worry if you end up tired, when i do a guided meditation at school, i feel a bit sleepy afterwards. Is probably not just us.
Ok! Thanks for explaining!!
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I'm going to make a post making one lol. Kind of one that matches my pain releases.
answered Nov 11 by knightstar✧ (289,610 points)

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