Girl's Advice Column: Officer Selection 2019

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Hi GAC Community, 

I would like to annouce that the following roles are now open: Vice President, Editor/Translator and Secretary. Read below for details for submiting your aplication. 

To be considered, applicants must provide the following information:

Name (Nickname, Username, not real name)

Gender (Male, Female, Nonbinary, Other)

Position you would like

A description of yourself (Strengths, weaknesses, any facts about yourself)


Vice President:

As vice president of Girls' Advice Column, you'll be expected to be active in answering questions, and have a good standing in the community. You will have to be creative and work well with others. 

Questions for Application:

1. Why do you want to be Vice President? Have you ever held a simular position to this before?

2. What changes would you make as Vice President?

3. What do you think qualifies you for this role? 

Editor/Translator: (A maxium of two will be selected)

As editor of Girls' Advice Column, you'll be expected to be active in the community. You will be expected to work side by side with writers on the magazine and in answering questions. You may need experience in other languages such as Spanish, French and German. 

Questions for Application:

1. Why do you want to be editor and/or Translator? Have you ever held a simular position to this before?

2. Do you have any experience in language? If so, explain.

3. What do you think qualifies you for this role? 


As secretary for Girls' Advice Column, you will be expected to keep track of events and recent events. This will require you to be active and social within the kidzsearch website. You may be expected to create graphics and drawings for the magazine as well.

1. Why do you want to be Secretary? Have you ever held a simular position to this before?

2. Do you have any experience in graphic design and/or event planning? If so, explain.

3. What do you think qualifies you for this role? 


Example of a Submission

Gymnast Power


President Application

I love drawing, painting and collecting shells. One of my strenghs is my ability to work well with animals. I am good at typing and i love writing. I found out about girls' advice coloumn through the internet. etc........

I would like to be considered for the role of president because I have held many simular positions to this before. I have experience with...


Please post all submissions under this as ANSWERS only! The deadline for submission is November 25th. Positions will be annouced shortly after. 





asked Nov 10 in Girls' Advice Column by GymnastPower (32,950 points)

Please also include your pronouns in your submission, I forgot to add that in the original post!

8 Answers

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Editor/Translator Application

I love to read, travel, and typing. One of my strengths is that I am very determined. If I set my mind on something I will get it done. One of my weaknesses is that I can be a little pushy and over think things. I would like to be considered for the position editprr and/or translator because I am very good at editing and making essays sound more natural and better. As for translator, I am very fluent in Spanish. I can speak it and write it. All of my family is from South America so to talk to them I have to know Spanish. I am also learning some German. As for my qualifications, at my old school in California we had a contest to send a experiment to the ISS. All of California was participating and some schools in the East coast. We had to write essays about plants and how they grow (a very dry topic of you ask me) and present it. If there was a judge that spoke Spanish I had to present the whole thing in Spanish. We were one of the finalists.

Thank you for your consideration.
answered Nov 11 by Kitty_Kat (27,550 points)
Thank you for applying!
No problem! Good luck to everyone!
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Name: Star ✧knightstar✧ 

Gender: Attack helicopter 

I, Knight Star of the great grass sea, would like my position of the Night's watch - JKJK I would like to be a translator. I know Spanish and English, and I have google on my side and I'm attempting to learn other languages as well. 

Weakness: I have depression (? if that counts as one ?) um, well I don't know more then three languages by heart or in other ways of saying this I'm only skilled in two (even then I suck lol). I'm from Panama and now live in Alabama//Florida, I am 12 and I am in a family with five sisters. I am the third oldest, and I have a twin, but I am one minute older then her and I have my eldest sister being 32. 


Well, I've eaten and taco and German food, so I mark my self  worthy. 


I speak English and Spanish, so yeah. I'm also a good editor, though my grammar portrayed in my posts may vary, I'm skilled in that range and I have Grammarly on my side too. 


Well, language.

I am an animal whisperer...but for cats and my dog seems to hate me with a passion



answered Nov 11 by knightstar✧ (289,640 points)
Thank you for applying!
attack helicopter? lol
Okay, okay, geez, no need to get mad! I have two or three of those in my class. Literally, that’s what they identify as.
LOL, it was a joke. An attack helicopter is a term for SJW'S that basically drone over the internet to attack conservatives. hAAAAAAAHHHAAAA as a conservative, AHHHAHAHAHA
I know, people say that’s their gender in my class, not even online. my class is messed up.
In that case, could you please apply with your actual gender and pronouns rather than using an offensive and insensitive term used against the transgender and genderqueer community?

she’s a she.
It's not an offensive term, I said SJW, not LGBT. I'm a female.

Maybe you meant to make a joke towards Social Justice Warriors, but "Attack Helicopter" is a joke used to attack transgender people and belittle them. It's making fun of people who identify outside of female and male and/or are transgender. (source) I can see how you might confuse that joke with SJWs, but SJW's (in today's society) are people who loudly project their ideas and opinions on controversial issues. The term originally had a positive connotation, but that's changed. There is no correlation between a person who fights for justice and the joke attack helicopter. It's a bold and incorrect assumption that all SJWs are transgender or genderqueer. I do not mean to offend you in any way, but I constantly see people making the same mistake and it bothers me. 

Thanks again!

I'm surprised that bothers you, XD. Most SJW's are straight white "cis" people. Also, I think anything out of female and male is dumb. Lol. I always know full well what it means, anyone who identifies them as "autism gender" is completely invalid unless they use their actual assigned at birth or transitioned gender instead.

Nobody's identity is dumb, that's a horrible thing to say! Maybe try saying you don't understand other genders that are not your own? Some identities only exist on the internet, and those identities are heavily looked down upon by the LGBTQ community. These identities will get the most attention and cause people to believe that the LGBTQ community is something it's not. (Most people will just read about one absurd act and not do any more information and then form a negative opinion on an entire community.) I find it super important for people to be educated on stuff like this because minorities have been fighting for YEARS to fix their image.

 I relate to this as a black female who is constantly reminded of the "angry black woman" stereotype. Imagine trying to get people to take you seriously after someone from the same group as you does something wrong or is treated badly. Fake SJWs (ones who paint minorities in a bad light by overreacting and speaking over them) are a HUGE problem. Real ones are good lol, the ones who actually fight for justice.   

 Basically what I'm trying to say is to try to be empathetic towards those who are different from you and don't just believe stereotypes. 

But a black woman exists and someone's make-believe gender is not. Some people just need to wake up to reality. Male and female, you can't have different working parts. It's impossible. Nonbinary is not existing, Bi gender is not existing, the only ones that are is male and females. I've met people who are Non-Binary and look exactly like their actual gender, your gender is not a spectrum, your style is. The real ones are not SJW's then if they are good.  Transgenders are completely valid and I do pity what they are going through. Non-binary is just an insult to them. But, I still understand what you are saying, I just think their "safe bubble" needs to be popped. It's reality, it's cold and judgmental.
I do agree with Knight. These genders are a bit ridiculous. Mainly because of the fact they can't exist. You're rather male or female. Within the genders, there are a lot if difference. Tomboys, for example. They are still chicks, but they dress and act like males. They aren't rebuking their gender.


I don't wanna argue with you but the genders are male and female. If you wanna say you're both or none, fine. But I have my opinion and I'll respect yours. ;) Let's end the argument, guys.
I don't like where this is going so allow me to comment. KnightStar overreacted by announcing she would leave KS (We all know that is not true... She used it as a threat)

And Gymnast Power overreacted by assuming that Knight was offending the LGBTQIA community. She then would not stop harassing Knight about it even when Knight stated it was a joke.

Let's just be done. Nobody comments after this. (Unless you want to I guess... It will start an argument. This is a very sensitive topic.
When did they threaten to leave? This was never an argument in the first place, I was just explaining their very common mistake with wording. There was no need to get defensive, and I didn’t mean to come off as aggressive. I see them as my friend to be honest, like I do everyone on kidzsearch. Absolutely no hate to them or anyone.
No. I'm not leaving because of this and it was not a threat. You don't know my personal life, okay? It's not the best right now. It's not because of this, I don't care about this "argument" so just get out of my business. I said I would be taking a break, alright? Please don't start this. I'm taking a break for two months because of my personal issues, this on KS doesn't matter to me. I didn't "threaten" to leave. I said I was taking a break because of MY PERSONAL ISSUES.  And I come on here because I feel like I want to die.  

 yeah, my PERSONAL problems. you gotta and realize people have lived off of here, I have school to do. I go here to feel numb and happy, and I see this?  Stop thinking you are my life, my school, etc, my real life. I'm taking a break because I'm TWO MONTHS behind in school and I have always felt like I'm talking to a brick wall. So just leave me alone. I went to KS to on feel happy when I was depressed, and I was depressed right now. But my point taken. It only makes me feel worse. I've found a better solution than talking to a brick wall. So for my PERSONAL PROBLEMS, I'm taking a break.


I think of everyone as my friend too, it's just i can't deal with feeling numb again.
I didn’t mean for it to sound like I was saying that this was the most important thing in your life? Im not trying to invade your personal life or ruin anything for you. The way others worded their comments made it seem like you were leaving because of me and it was my fault. I didn’t believe that, of course, and it makes me feel a lot better to know that that’s not the actual reason. I would hate to be the reason you stopped writing on here. I’m so sorry that you feel depressed and I hope you start feeling better soon.
Also you don’t have to put a time limit on your break, just come back when you feel is best for you! You got this! I believe in you, you will get through this and things will get better.
Knight this is a public forum. I can comment if I want.
You said you were partly leaving because this was "Kid tumblr" and kids accused you of stuff. You did use this in a threatening way.
Don't worry knight. We all support you and care about you.

I agree with kitten teeth_smile

Thanks Midnight :)
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Name: ArtistGirl

Gender: Female

Editor Application

Strengths: I love to read and I’m good at writing. I am the editor for a class newspaper that I actually created the committee for. I am fluent in google translate. I love to write and I am good at editing essays and speeches, and I am actually an editor for my aunt’s published books. I’m a good communicator and I can discuss things with people without making them feel uncomfortable. I also don’t use autocorrect because it messes things up for me.

Weaknesses: I get distracted easily. I do not support LGBT+ so I can’t give advice on that kind of stuff. I can try, but I don’t really know what it feels like.

Hobbies: I love to read, draw, and sing. I collect bugs, I know that seems strange, but that’s just me. I write stories in my free time.

I think I should be considered for this position because I have a lot of experience with editing and I love to write as well.
answered Nov 11 by aʀтiรт ɢiяl (17,790 points)
edited Nov 12 by aʀтiรт ɢiяl

Thank you for applying!!!!

no prob! also I sent a request to the KN group.
+6 votes

(Okay, I guess! Just for fun I'll enter, but if I'm elected that's good too.)


Name: GemHeart

Gender: Girl

It would be nice if I could just draw for you. I'm not very good at leadership or keeping track, and it may be nice to have me do this so the Sect. doesn't have to as much. 



Well. I'm a manga artist. I draw... manga. It may not be the best fit for a girls' advice column, but it can make it fresh and different. I have improved a lot since you left, so don't look at my old stuff. Look at my newer stuff, like on my own advice column GH Artist Column riiiiiight under Cindy's.

Anyway! Weaknesses. Hmmm... well, my weaknesses are more based in real life than online. I can work in both traditional mediums and digital for artwork, though I prefer traditional marker work. I would like to be considered for a graphic role, meaning while I would like to be involved, I am terrible at leading. So! I am much better with artist stuff. And to complete my portfolio, here's some art of mine! (NOTE: My markers have been running dry lately so colors have been improvised. However, on the first week of Dec. I'm getting some new ones, so I can start making my artwork for the column-if I'm selected- then). I can post my artwork for the column every Sunday or Saturday, so if you tell me what you need a week in advance, I would have it finished in time.

However, if any requests violate my morals, I won't do them. (LGBT, for example.)



Thanks for considering, Gymnast! 




answered Nov 12 by -GEMHeart- (248,580 points)
Yes, I can draw a lot more than just these views and shots, these are just what I drew this week.
I love your drawings! Thanks for including them in your submission!! Thanks for applying!!! :)
No problem. ;)
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Name LLM 

Gender  Girl

Job Application for Secretary 

I am twelve btw. I can write and draw very well. I can write good advice to people sometimes. I have my own advice column but I could be active on here as well. I have a dog named Molly. I am a Ravenclaw and Harry Potter Nerd. Lol. My weaknesses are my lack of confedence, physical activity. I am good at the arts tho. And okay with social things. I am very organized. I also live in Minnesota. I can work with a team. I have okay leadership skills but I don't really need that for this role. 

I want to be secretary because I want to be a part of the big picture. Play a part in this organization. I haven't had a position like this official but I do it for myself all the time. 

I have some experience in Graphic Design and event planning. I have planned many family events and things with my friends. I am also working on a class tornament for my school. I also always organized "events" as a little girl for my toys. Lol. I don't have too much in graphic design tho. 

I think I qualify for this role because I am organized, a good writer, I can draw, I have experience in this category. (I am the leader of the Help the Wolves Club)  I can also work with a team. 

And here is a sample art piece. That I drew of myself. 

Thanks for considering me!

answered Nov 12 by lunalovegoodmolly (126,670 points)
That art is amazing LLM!!
That art is amazing!
I love your art style! Thank you for including your drawings! Thanks for applying!!
Thanks and no problem
+4 votes


Aplication:Vice president

I want to be vice president because I think it would be cool to be in a high position like this one.One of my strengths is that I get things done.I also understand people well.One of my weaknesses is that I am a bit impatient, but I will work hard to get better.I would make KT users more comfortable talking about girl stuff.I would also try and make girls more confident in general.I give good advice, and I think it would be good to put me in this position.

Oh.And one more thing.I support LGBTQ+ people because I myself am bisexual.Just thought I would add that.
answered Nov 12 by jellyfishlover (12,420 points)
Thank you soooo much for applying! :)
No problem!I hope I get the position!
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Gender: Girl

Secretary or Editor/translator

I love painting, writing, and drawing. I can illustrate things for the magazine, and plan out events. I also know quite a bit of Spanish, and I'm intermediate in French, so I can translate for you as well.

Some of my weaknesses are procrastination and being a bit slow in doing things, and I have some things going on in real life so I might not be able to get on here immediately but I'll definitely try my hardest to keep myself up to date around here.

Some of my strengths are determination and ambition, if I promise someone I'll do something I won't stop until I'm done.

Thanks for considering me :3
answered Nov 12 by Queeny (88,550 points)
Thanks for Applying!!!!!
0 votes

Name: C.Clay

Gender: Female

Position I would like: Vice President

  1. I want this role because I love to help people and I think I will give good advice
  2. I would make sure everyone feels comfortable telling people their problems. I would make sure everyone gets good advice. An Idea I have is to get someone with another GAC position checks the advice before it is sent.
  3. I am very organised. I have lots of spare time. My friends tell me that I give good advice.
answered Nov 22 by C.Clay (6,460 points)
no offense, C. Clay, but’s they announced the roles last week...
haha it okay.

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