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⇢Well, ew. Now, writing fanfictions is just cringe to me. I like reading them, but writing them is  cringe.  Silens I not included in the cringe, that was more of based in an HP world. But this...well, this is short because I couldn't help me cringing. Chap 1. 


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It was a perfect day as the snow fell neatly down on the ground outside, the scent of a new day and the wind blowing made everything worth it. Hermione ran her pale hand through her frizzy brown hair, now rubbing both of her hands together as they heated up only a portion of her body. Inside, to say the least, near the Astronomy tower just below as she looked at it with a fixated gaze. Ginny strode by, still young and her skin freshly cleaned.


“Ginny, how are you?” Hermione said, now taking her mittens out of her pocket as Ginny just grinned. She didn’t say anything, indeed she just stood there without a sound coming from her. “What wrong?” asked Hermione, though this was usual for Ginny, it still made her question. Especially with that huge Cheshire grin spread across her face. Her straight red hair curled when it intertwined with her finger. “Well, me and Dean are together!” she jumped a little, Hermione had no intentions of responding.


Instead, she just put her hands on the rim of the railing and looked out.


Hermione’s brown eyes didn’t move it’s place as Ginny just frowned. “I’m sorry Hermione, what’s wrong with you then?” Ginny said in a rude tone, which wasn’t that usual with her either as Hermione just sighed. “It’s with Ron. He’s being dumb.” Scoffed Hermione as Ginny just rolled her eyes, “You know my brother is an idiot. Don’t let him put you down.” That made Hermione smile as she raised a brow but still didn’t respond, now just pursing her lips.


“Well. I think he’s just annoying so far, he’s asked me to the yule ball, but Krum asked first, and I have no intentions to going with Ron anyways.” Hermione seemed to put herself higher then Ginny, which made Ginny laughed as she bobbed her head. “He’s going with one of the twins!” Ginny laughed, even though the Parvati twins were pretty, you could only imagine how they would react to Ron’s ‘dress.’” Hermione nodded, now the two of them walked down the aisle with their robes rims on the floor.

This is cringe, I know but hop along the love train➹ 

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answered Nov 11, 2019 by ❤KittyKat❤ (117,900 points)
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Yesssss!!!! I love Harry Potter!!! I like how you didn't forget that Ginny and Dean went to the dance together!
commented Nov 11, 2019 by im kanye (371,250 points)
Well, Ginny went with Neville but thanks so much!!!!!!!
commented Nov 11, 2019 by ❤KittyKat❤ (117,900 points)
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answered Nov 11, 2019 by forgxtten_chiLd (47,700 points)

Good job! It’s not that cringy...

commented Nov 12, 2019 by im kanye (371,250 points)
Thank gosh lol

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