manmade emotions - Short Story

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For Artist Girl's contest! 2.2 pages long and 900 words. By the way, there is a little blood at the end. 

Underneath the woman was glass, one that had red substances in it, one that had a serum in it that had been injected in the pale porcelain figures face every day. It was said robots cannot be emotions, sadness anger or even the feeling of a newborn child resting in its arms. For sure, that is a dangerous feeling, not any pity or love; just itself and controller.

In that room that had crystal clear windows on each end, one that the pale black-haired man had insisted were bulletproof had kept her in. One that had not a smudge. Everything was blank, the room was perfect for a child just to scribble all over it for days. The robot, one that didn't contrast with room stared facing ahead of her, now that someone from the other side of the door had come in. It all seemed the same, and even her icy blue eyes couldn't tell the difference from the door and wall. 

"Mr. June." She said slowly in a female voice. 

"Ready for today?" Asked the man that ran his fingers through his hair, now taking the red serum with a syringe, one that's little black letters was finally the breaker to it all. He seemed energetic, going close to her strains that strapped her mechanical limps down to the chair, one that was grey foggy iron. In a tiny hole in the left of her head, the thick blood-like substance poured in her head. She had no reaction but a small glitch then fumes escaped from the hole. 

"Good job, zero two." Merely a nickname for her, he considered naming her other than his number of failures. But that would make an attachment, you can never make one with something that is nowhere near human. Just for other people he really cares about...a creation bound by the wind. 

"Please. Don't leave." She spoke more fluent this time, more in the gloom of this all, but despite this, it was a routine to leave her to her mourning. Even if it felt like mourning, she couldn't feel. An often guilt reminder.

Without a response, everything went dark. It happened often, the sound of chiming and tweets of birds. The outside wind blowing in her face, the smell of pollen as her nose tingled. And all through this happened, her body was in a shock, and her man-made nerves blew through with this new chemical injected in her. Every day he had failed in her emotions, a remedy would be interpreting what others felt so she could pretend she felt the same. 



That was all the man wanted to hear as the robot furrowed her brows with anger and sadness. Despite this, he smiled at the thought it worked. why is he laughing at my pain?

A watery, wet substance fell from the woman's eye, it was warm and small. She herself could only feel her nerves breaking. does he love my pain? Is this happiness?

She then laughed with him, imitating that smirk placed on his deathly pale face. It was only moments until she started laughing too, despite the pain she held tight. But now, a little bit a fear was held in that smirk, Mr. June's smirk. Maybe fear of what he created? The things running in her veins? Instead of tears, laughter? Was it a monster? She stopped too, now nothing but the pail expression left of it all. 

'Zero, do you love me?' The man asked, now the robot seemed to drift, like at the rim of utter insanity. No human being would be questioned of being insane due to the drastic measures she's undergone, but the expression in her face was undyingly real when she smiled and laughed. It was of pain and satisfaction.

I would die without you.
Poetically aswell.
You are my only life source." 

He froze in his spot at the words of her. When he would leave, she would tell him not to, sometimes if he got close enough she would tug on the rim of his clothes. He had gotten used to it, this is what he wanted, attachment to someone living. That's a human trait...but she was different. She would clench on to the other scientists that came in the same room she was in causing them to bleed. Her strength was of no human. They feared her, but no matter her image, the man that sat right beside her laid his cold hand on her silicone back and smiled with no fear, hoping she would get better...

But, this robot knew nothing about this man behind these empty walls. He could be anything, but it didn't matter to her. As long as he was with her. And, she knew he was going to die and wither away, unlike her. The ways he could be like her, extracting her life source in his? But for no life can live forever. And as her white, as a paper hand raised up, it took his neck in one grasp as he vomited mounds of blood. No emotions were on her face. As always. Now, just a meer smile appeared on the said face as he held his neck that spewed blood. His hands, the perfect ground, her hands and torso were filled with splatters of blood.


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That is a super good story!!!!! Wow!!!! Kinda scary but cool!!!meowla

commented Nov 12, 2019 by im kanye (371,470 points)
Thanks so much!!!
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answered Nov 15, 2019 by Lemony The Bean (93,910 points)
spooky season is never over! this is spooky!
commented Nov 15, 2019 by im kanye (371,470 points)
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answered Nov 12, 2019 by forgxtten_chiLd (47,700 points)
This. Is. Amazing! I think you’ll be one of the top three. But I don’t know for sure, you’re the first entry. But thank you for entering! lol it’s only been a day since I made the contest.
commented Nov 12, 2019 by im kanye (371,470 points)
Thanks a lot!!!
commented Nov 12, 2019 by forgxtten_chiLd (47,700 points)
no prob!

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