My Top 5 Favorite Rinji Shukei "Fan Art": 2019 List

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Here are my top five Rinji fan-art (I say fanart, even though she's a fan-character {of Bleach} anyway) drawings from THIS year (2019). This list includes all art created this year of Rinji by other artists, commentary on the drawing, and credit to the artist! Hope you enjoy. And even though many of the artists listed will never see this, I just wanna let them know they are amazing! Everyone on this list is! 

And away we go~!


5. Yanny3789 (Paigeeworld): Chibi Rinji

This drawing was created by "yanny3789", shortly before Paigeeworld shut down. It was made for a contest I was holding at the time ("GH 2019 Contest") in which Rinji was the subject matter. I LOVE her style of drawing and the digital coloring that she used! Rinji looks so cute and adorable, her hair looks awesome and her eyes are very pretty! I also love the paint stains and motion in the drawing.

4. Deromero (Paigeeworld): Sketch Rinji

This digital sketch drawing was made by "Deromero" on my request. S/he replied with this sketchy digital color drawing! I really like the sketchy quality, which sorta makes it feel organic. I love the background and the way the eyes are colored. Since Rinji's eyes are, in fact, ocean teal, I liked the oceany quality Deromero added to this drawing of Rinji. I also love how s/he added the childlike qualities of the character! 

3. Mettphantom (Paigeeworld): Stylized Rinji

Mettphantom drew this for me after I commented on her artwork and followed her on PW. She said that she thought I was very sweet about being nice and complimenting her work, so she created this beautiful drawing of Rinji out of the blue for me as a surprise! I know that not lots of people online are nice, mostly because they are behind a screen. I love this drawing and was so excited to see it! Everything about Rin is beautiful! 

2. Queeny (KidzSearch): Realistic Rinji

This drawing was created recently by Queeny! I love the look of the drawing and also love Queen's art style. While Rinji's actual nationality is Japanese, I really like the American feel of the artwork. Love you, Queeny!

1. Daydaycoocoo (Paigeeworld): Rinji

This picture by "Daydaycoocoo" was created on my request. It says a thousand words about my beloved character's personality. When I saw her/his profile, I was like, "Wow!". Blown away by all the beautiful, high quality art. And even though there was quite a few liberal drawings on there, I enjoyed scrolling through her/his feed. And whenever I got my request, I was so happy, since it looked so beautiful. I love the eyes, especially. 


I hope you liked the list! If you create Rinji fan-art anytime through now to the last of 2020, you may get a chance to appear on one of my lists! Also, while you're here... HERE'S A SPECIAL GIFT FOR YOU!




Thanks for reading! Soon I'll be making a digital of Rinji as well. 


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answered Nov 27, 2019 by Queeny (95,380 points)
Thanks for including me Gemmy! All the drawings are really good!

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