Test: Reading story. (Warning: Includes hard words Grade level: 4th to 6th.

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           The Zoo Animal Night Out


     Waiting, always waiting. Food time came, sometimes. If the wolves didn't steal it. We have a secret : We can get out our cages. You keep that a secret, if Warren, the zoo keeper finds out we are dead, really. That is what the wolf said before snatching my food. We don't really talk you humans. I am only learning human speech from a little birdy, honestly. The bird's name is Atlantic. The zoo keeper saw her looking in the Atlantic Expedition, and thought that should be her name. I can't say the words. I only know what they mean.




We were caged. I don't know why. The rats seem not to enjoy this. They look after me. My mother was moved to the other pens. Far away from me. She almost killed Warren. She was putting up a fight. She won, not really. He shot her with a sleepy gun. That's what I call in anyway. I have never seen her before. That left me with Father. Father was taken away, too. They were put in the same cage. The zoo keeper, Kate lets me see my parents after Warren leaves. Warren was fired yesterday. But he is carrying me now in a cage! I have got to get out of here. I spot my mother in a cage in front of me. Kate walks over to Warren and says, "I'll carry the baby panda. Warren. You know the rules. Now give me the baby! Warren! If you drop that cage in the river, you know what will happen! Give me that panda!" Soon my mother saw me and pushed has hard as she could and broke her cage door. She jumped out. All I could see was red. All I could hear was "Warren! Look out! Stop that mother panda! She wants her baby! WARREN NO! WARREN DON'T RUN! DON'T MOVE AT ALL!".I was asleep. Where was I? My mother was curled up beside me sleep, too. My dad was somewhere in the pen playing. I heard Kate "Warren, Laina, I am afraid he died. The panda did nothing. We are looking for him. We jumped in the river. I am waiting for the cops to finish. Yes. No. Yes. No. Maybe. Why would anyone do that?".


It was going to change everything. We have to leave the zoo. Its over.

Mother and dad never left my side. After Warren was found alive and well, he was sent to jail for 30 years. No one knows why. I hear a new voice will Kate's.

"Its over, we are closing"

"This can't be"

"We have to! They think Warren killed animals on the land!"

"He did, I let him. He is a murderer."

"What are you talking about Karra?" 

"Warren, he killed a whale, it was because the whale knocked him into the water. I laughed. He said I was next if I didn't help him get out the pool. The whale took him to the bottom. I saw blood. I thought the whale killed him. It was the other way around. Warren had a knife. He was going to kill me and I knew it. I ran. I just ran. He said he was going to do it, one way or the other. Soon I knew he was honestly going to do it. I never knew he was following me around until he was at the zoo after work. I was on patrol. He had a knife. I ran. I left the zoo. I went to a hotel. I sold my house. I got a new one. I moved across town. Warren seemed to began leave me alone. But never let me go to the office. I was scared. He was scared. Next, this happened. I told the cops. The manager, Olivaer only told us the years for the animal abuse. Not for his crimes toward me. That was 60years added. Warren is in there for life. Kate, the man is evil. Olivaer knew it.


                                   The Move

I sat. Mother sat. Dad sat. In a moving pen. Atlantic Sneaked into the car.

We were sleeping for half the ride. I was scared. The new zoo wasn't bad. It was a nightmare. Mother, dad and I were breaking out our pen.


         Go, run, new home.


 Run. Run. Run. RUN!


We were waiting, sleeping mostly. It was night, Go time. Mother broke the locks. Done. Dad opened the door. Done. Mother placed me on her back. We ran. Soon we were out the zoo. We had Atlantic follow us in the sky. We ran through a city. There was a big bamboo forest ahead. As we neared the "Forest" We found it was a woodland forest. settled in there. Its our home. We found out it was located in Washington.


This is our home. Keep it a secret but don't.


By: Gymnastpower.




Did you enjoy reading my story? Leave a rating (0/5). And your favorite parts! Thanks for reading!






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answered Mar 23, 2015 by arkzo (424,560 points)
Best answer
I really liked the story! I give it a 5/5. So interesting
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answered Jan 8, 2017 by L (77,160 points)
5/5. My favorite part was when they took the baby panda.
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answered Jul 22, 2016 by WizardofWordplay

I have no remorse other than the phrase, "What is this?!" 

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answered Jul 22, 2016 by FancyRatLover

5/5. Its awesome. I'm great at writing stories, and you are too! wink

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answered Mar 21, 2015 by Bethany Hamilton

This was very interesting! I really liked it! I think I rate is 5/5. Be sure to friend request BETHANY0061 on clubpenguin! Also, buddy request SIMPLYREAGAN13 on Fantage! Thankyou very much! I liked your story!

commented Mar 21, 2015 by GymnastPower (36,980 points)

Thanks! I have a fantage, but I can't remember my username, but I DO HAVE A Club Penguin, I took a 2 year break, but I am planning my comeback! I'll add you after I get a membership, because before I quit I had all the clothes and etc. And to wear it I need my membership, But, If you want to go ahead and add me at Amyleepou (May change soon).Or at Mayafd9. Amyleepou doesn't get used much.

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