Jessie the Cat (Dedicated to Cat Lovers!!!)

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Jessie the Cat


 Note: I hope KS doesn’t mind me sharing the real name of the cat. The names of the people are fake. 


     This week is Thanksgiving Break, and my family is planning to enjoy it the best way possible. On Monday, we went to a park that was fairly big with a dinosaur playground. Though I am not a big fan of play areas, it was for my younger sister and her friends.


     Lily was really excited to have a playdate with Reagan at Reagan’s neighborhood park. Reagan has a little sister as well, whom I would like to call Willow. Lily and I have a younger brother, who I would like to address as Dean.


     Lily, Reagan, Dean, and Willow were playing joyfully on the slide,

while I was just swinging. (I enjoy swinging more than playing on slides, but that 

is just me. Later, my sister stated that I don’t have an active childhood.) Time passed, and they saw a cat on the sidewalk near the park. I continued swinging, because I didn’t know what they were doing. Honestly, I just thought it was another game. 


     After 15 minutes, I became curious about what they were doing. It seemed as though they were cooing on something interesting. I asked my mom what they were doing, and she responded, “Tell them not to pet it.” That was when I realized it was a cat! It  made perfect sense. My sister was always so excited about cats and kittens, but she despised large dogs.


     I ran over to Lily and her friends shortly after. There, I saw a grey cat with white paws. The cat’s eyes were large and they were a shade of amber. (We did not determine the gender of the cat.) It was not wild as Reagan claimed— the cat only crawled around in one area. Lily even claimed that the cat purred beside her. Dean and Willow were awed at the sight of it. 


     We went back later, and we found a neon green sign stating that a pet owner has lost their cat. It said,


          Lost Kitty


       REWARD: $100

     *Phone Number*


    The cat did not really match the description of black and white, though 

it was pretty close enough. Willow begged her mother to let her return the cat back to its owner. Both of our moms did not care about the lost cat. My mom stated that we should not get into “this business”, though I think it was because she wanted to stay and talk instead of help.  


       Later, a mom with three kids found the cat. Willow, Dean, Lily, and Reagan were both very disappointing they did not get the $100. But as it turned out, the cat did not belong to that pet owner. The cat had ran away from the family’s grasp. A father and his son later came to help, though it was a matter of time before they left. Both families left the park, and that was the end of all the cat business.


      Lily said she named the cat Mia, but that is not very reasonable because the cat may be a male. Later, Reagan and I agreed that the cat should be called Jessie. (Lily is still against the name, so I think that she will call the cat Mia anyways the next time we see it.) I did a vote, and Dean and I voted for Jessie, while Lily voted for Mia. Reagan agreed on Jessie, so that would be one more vote. No matter what Willow would have voted, Jessie would still have been the cat’s official name. 


      This is the story of how we found Jessie. A picture might be added later!

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I am a cat lover obviously. I love Jessie and I am so happy you found him!  boogie

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answered Jan 22 by anonymous
Cool! I'm so excited to see Jessie!
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answered Nov 26, 2019 by ArtistGirl (27,160 points)

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