I got bras

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Hey dudes!Today I got my first bra with cups.Actually, first four.I know you're probably thinking WHAAAT???!!!SHE'S LITERALLY 10 YEARS OLD!!!SHE DOESN'T NEED BRAS!!!Yea.Well, here's the story.When I was 8 I started asking for bras.You herd me.I wanted bras.I obviously didn't need them at the time my mom got them for me, but when I turned 9 I had breast buds.I wore training bras until, like months ago.Then, I switched to sports bras without cups.A couple weeks ago though, I realized that my breasts were more than breast buds and that I was starting to feel uncomfortable.So, today, we went to the mall.



asked Nov 30 in Girls' Advice Column by jellyfishlover (12,340 points)

Well, a lot of people talk about periods on here, so I'm pretty sure it appropriate.

That's not appropriate either
If you feel that it is inappropriate, then just don't click on the questions that have something in the title that suggests that it might not be something you want to read.
Thank you Coffee Cake.
I’m going to make it my job to say if it’s inappropriate
I’m pretty sure that’s Kidzsearch’s job...
Yeah...it's not like you're above anyone.
Coffee cake no one included u
Guys,  lets not start a fight...
And technically, Moonlight, no one excluded me either...
Moonlight, that was really rude.Please stop.We are done with this conversation.
Ok.I accept your apology.I can't hold grudges, lol!
same, we’re good.
Thanks let's be friends and I can also hold grudges lol


Ha!How do you hold grudges?

I keep my grudge until someone stops the fight or I feel bad sad_smile

Yea.We good, right?

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okay... thanks for sharing that. Well, I guess it's my fault for clicking on it



I guess it is totally my fault for clicking on it.
answered Nov 30 by Kitten (286,110 points)
edited Dec 1 by Kitten


KITTEN!!!Yea, it is you fault.I PUT IT IN THE TITLE!! I mean, WHAT THE HECK?!!!No, but seriously, it isn't that bad.I'm pretty sure you have a mom, and you've seen things like that.Unless you don't have a mom, then I feel really bad for you....Also, it isn't clickbait.Why are you even in the Girl's Advice Collum?!!Ok, Imma go and look in the Boy's Advice Collum now!!Lol!
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I am 12, have had bras for years.
answered Nov 30 by LunaLight (68,730 points)
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I got mine when I was nine! I didnt ask for them, and I didnt use them. I started when I was ten too, and when I was eleven I already was pretty developed already. Now twelve and honestly bras are comfy. Someone is going to kill me, but I feel utterly comfortable in one tbh.
answered Dec 3 by knightstar✧ (289,660 points)
Same, Knight.
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Trying on your first bra is always a weird experience because you feel so grown up haha. Make sure to only wear comfortable ones, as the wrong size can affect your breathing and scar you!

-GP (GAC president)
answered Dec 3 by GymnastPower (32,970 points)
Ow!Ok, thanks!!
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I am 12 and I wear bras

I also for some strange reason wanted bras when I was 8 too
answered Dec 4 by Jabber (11,910 points)
XD when I was eighth I though bras were only for women over 18
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I dont wear one yet but i wear a crop top
answered Dec 4 by C.Clay (6,470 points)
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Um... Okay. (I shouldn't have clicked on this. Sorry, it was my fault.)
answered 3 days ago by JD2005
Ok.I understand.
same @JD2005!
Wow, you guys make such big deals about it!!!!!It's fine, give it a break!!!!!!
No, I meant same, I should not have clicked on it.

No insult to you.

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