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asked Nov 30, 2019 in Pictures and Drawings by LunaLight (123,070 points)
Hey, I have been looking for something to draw on break, and I know people are making fursonas. I will draw kemonomimi characters (characters with animal ears, tails, and horns, but otherwise human) if you give me a desciption of their appearance, and what pose you want them in if any (default is just a headshot).

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answered Dec 2, 2019 by SnickerDoodles
Maybe could you do Michaetos? he wears a black robe and has blond hair. he is tall, and a boy. (he is the main character of The WRATH of Securly.)
commented Dec 2, 2019 by LunaLight (123,070 points)
Kemonomimis are part animal, is there any animal you would like me to incorporate into the drawing?
commented Dec 2, 2019 by SnickerDoodles
You could pick. I thought you would from the last answer. feel free to do whatever you like.

i don't really care.
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answered Dec 1, 2019 by ❤KittyKat❤ (120,050 points)
Hi! Well I don't have a kemonomimi character actually, but I guess I'm gonna create one!

So girl,  medium height, elbow length hair, black hair with a little brown, ears are black with little white fluffies in the inside, tail is black with a Brown line.

Can I have a full body drawing please? Like, one hand on hip and standing normally As for clothes, maybe a dress?  Thanks!
commented Dec 1, 2019 by LunaLight (123,070 points)
Sounds alright, relatively easy. I am assuming a cat kemonomimi based on context? And what I will probably do for the hair is make the hair black and for the lighter parts have it a dark brown.
commented Dec 1, 2019 by ❤KittyKat❤ (120,050 points)
Yes, thank you!

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