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Megalovania meme (you might not know what this is but trust me!)

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asked Dec 9, 2019 in Videos by Snickerdoodles
retagged Dec 28, 2019

Megalovania is a song from a non appropriate game but is okay. the way to do it is to show a time from the video and then an event that happens there 


0:00 Me and my brothers are at home.

0:08 Mom tells us Dad is bringing home Pizza

0:16 Dad comes home with the pizza


0:00 Doing a boring test at school

0:08 5 minutes left

0:16 The bell rings and people run out the door to freedom

0:32 Getting stuck in the hall cuz kids can't walk in a line correctly


You try to make one!

1 Answer

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answered Dec 10, 2019 by EthanTheBluePikmin (1,120 points)
0:00 Watching Nintendo Direct 0:08 Super Smash Bros Ultimate is getting a update 0:16 Sans outfit is released.
commented Dec 20, 2019 by SnickerDoodles
I am happy :)
commented Jan 25 by SnickerDoodles
Oh, and i got that recently!

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Lol. No one will know what this is!

asked Nov 22, 2019 in Other by Snickerdoodles
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