My Bullying Story...

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asked Dec 10, 2019 in Other by unicorn girl
I was bullied alot this year so let me tell you the story, so when I was about 4 years old after my great grandpa died my dad did some bad mean stuff  and he got put in jail alot and that is when my anxiety started. After that all happened my mom went to court and I did not see my dad for a few years. Then a few years later my mom found a boyfriend and my little brother was born my mom finally told me I was going to see my dad again. So we went from place to place to place to place and finally i have been with my dad a year then we finally started sleepover's and I saw my friend that I have not seen in a while well we got along together pretty good for the first few weeks until she started being mean we would get into fight's and she would call me ugly and friendless and she would try to play wrestling and then put me in a choke hole. One time she threw me and I landed at her dresser and almost broke my arm. Then one day an incident happened and my mom took me away from my dad and I have not seen him or my bully since.
commented Dec 17, 2019 by Doggy
I feel sorry for you. Maybe you can talk to your counselor or get a diary to express your feelings. Stay away from the bully when she comes back. Keep telling us what is happening.

Hope it gets better.
commented Jan 7, 2020 by unicorn girl
Thank you I will try that

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answered Dec 11, 2019 by midnight

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