My Bullying Story Part 2

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asked Dec 20, 2019 in Other by unicorn girl

So in my other post I told you guys about how I was bullied and the things that happened with my dad and now i am going to tell you about my other bullying story. So when I was about six or seven my school had a movie party and since it was close to Christmas they showed Polar Express (and in my opinion it is the most boring Christmas movie ever!) and these two girls who were about a few years older than me were talking to me and we were in the front row and I was sitting next to this boy who was my age and after a while we are about halfway into the movie he just acts out telling us to shut up and stuff. So after a while we all get annoyed by him and we tell him to knock it off. And he keeps going so go up to him and I tell him to stop or else we will tell the teachers, and the girls are behind me and he just looks at me and then just hit's me on top of the head. And the girls are like jawdrop and they tell him to stop and say sorry and he just hits me on the head AGAIN! So the two girls and get up and tell the teachers and then we sit down and tell him we told the teachers and 5 minutes later the two teachers and the principal come and tell me and the two girl and the boy to his office and then they asked the boy what happened then me and then the two girls and since the girls said the same thing as me the boy got sent home. So we got to enjoy the rest of the movie bully free. But the next week the same boy calls me names in line in front of the lady at the front desk!!!! So he got in trouble for calling me names and I have not seen him sense.

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answered Dec 21, 2019 by LunaLight (133,340 points)
I could understand both sides of that. I would get annoyed if people were talking while I was trying to watch a movie, but I would have just moved rather than hitting someone. And calling you names is just him acting like a 5-year-old.
commented Jan 7, 2020 by unicorn girl
lol you just made my day thank you!!!!!!!!!
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answered Dec 21, 2019 by Pumpkin (749,360 points)
Sorry :(

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