Um what do I write here? ... anyways

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asked Dec 26, 2019 in General Blogs by Crystal_Dolphin (5,940 points)
So as you probably know, my name isn’t actually crystal dolphin, it’s not Kairi either but I’ll go by that cause it’s one of my favorite nicknames. Um well, I am currently 13 and I am bisexual. I love to draw and I absolutely love dogs. I hate oranges. Fun Fact: Me and my friend once used one as a baseball. My favorite color is yellow followed closely by black and bright purple. I love listening to music and will do anything to escape the land of boring homework. I like a whole lot of different foods but my favorite has to be tacos. So yeah. I should end this in a question...What is your favorite food?

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answered Dec 26, 2019 by Queeny (129,740 points)
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Hiya! Welcome to KS, our little corner of the internet ;)

(oh, and my favorite food is probably turkey bacon)
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answered Oct 9, 2020 by Strawberries



commented Oct 12, 2020 by kayden
DUDE YES I LOVE BOTH (btw i'm the same person who wrote this post but a lot has happened in a year so barely any of this even applies to me anymore)
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answered Jan 1, 2020 by LunaLight (123,090 points)
Hello! I am Luna, welcome to KS! Little bit about me, I am lesbian, and I think I was the one to ask for a LGBTQIA Club, and I made one on KidzNet too. I have 3 alternate accounts besides this one (this is my main one), Lesbian Wolf Furry, Overcomer of Dark and- haha, nope, still a secret y'all. Anyway, glad you are here!



Edit- Oh, and my favorite food is most likely chocolate.
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answered Jan 1, 2020 by Pumpkin (690,570 points)

Well you can't ask what my favorite food is because that's an impossible question Lol
commented Dec 31, 2020 by magicharrypottergal (15,630 points)
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answered Dec 31, 2019 by PrincessJelly (52,610 points)

Welcome! I try to be friends with all users of KT (except for the weird ones.....Jk!), soo do ya wanna be internet friends?! Btw, we definitely need more LGBTQ+ users, I myself am queer, so checkout the LGBTQ+ club we have on here!! And, I don't really have a favorite food but I LOVE sushi and lasagna!!


Stupid, they don't have a lasagna or sushi emoji. I mean it's sushi. SUSHI!!!

commented Dec 31, 2019 by Crystal_Dolphin (5,940 points)
Haha sure we can be friends and the LGBTQ+ club sounds cool! Also, Sushi is AWESOME!
commented Jan 2, 2020 by PrincessJelly (52,610 points)

I know right!!! Sushi is awesome!!! 

commented Jan 2, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (122,200 points)
Totally! What’s your favorite kind? I like Tempura rolls, crunchy rolls, and san antonio rolls the best so far.
commented Jan 2, 2020 by PrincessJelly (52,610 points)
I like tempura vegetables, I tried tempura rolls once and I loved them, I just haven't been out to sushi for a while. I also like......Well I like Japanese food in general....I can't choose!!
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answered Dec 31, 2019 by forgxtten (51,710 points)

Nice to meet you! I hope we can be friends. My fave food is... probably... ALL OF IT!!! 


or maybe 



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answered Dec 30, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (318,240 points)
Welcome! Nice to meet yo. How dare you hate oranges!
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answered Dec 27, 2019 by Lemony The Bean (122,200 points)
Hey Kairi! (I’m Crystal_Dolphin’s friend irl) You probably already knew this, but I love sushi, Baked Lays, tamales, Wheat Thins, and strawberries. (*^ω^*)
commented Oct 9, 2020 by Strawberries
commented Oct 11, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (122,200 points)
IKR??? They’re soooo good. My grandma makes them awesome!

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