Accidentia Co-op by AG and GH: Chapter 11 by ArtistGirl

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Chapter 11

(Ilia’s POV) 


John, Cecily and I took a taxi to a hotel where we would stay until we heard from the others. It was hard communicating with the taxi driver as he only knew French, but with the help of Google translate and Cecily’s pocket money, we managed to get to our destination and know how much to pay him. 

“Do you smell something?” Cecily asked me, wrinkling her nose.

“No, I don’t… wait, I think I do. It smells like someone’s frying oil. With blood and meat… I think I’ve smelled this before! At school, when I…” 

John looked at me with raised eyebrows. “What? Was it a monster?”

“How did you know?”

“Because, when I set my house on fire, there was a monster in it. Chasing me. It looked like a human with four arms, fangs, and bat wings, and she was trying to- to- to kill me!” John’s  voice got shaky as he blurted out the last bit of the sentence. 

I gasped. The monster he was describing was the same as the one Vivi and I  had seen. 

In a softer tone, John continued. “That’s usually how it happens, you know- I set things on fire when I’m nervous or under a large amount of pressure.”

A thought came to me, and I turned to Cecily. “How is it that you understand and speak English so well?”

She gave me a confused look, furrowing her brows. “What do you mean, English? I’m speaking French, and I’m hearing you speak French, too!”

“Uh, no. I don’t know any French except for bonjour. That’s it. And I’m hearing you speak English.” I responded. 

Cecily shook her head. “French.” 

Then I had an idea. “What if you’re speaking in French, and I’m speaking in English, but our powers make us hear it in our native language?” 

Then John started to speak. “Whoa… That would be cool. I think it’s true. By the way, I’m speaking in Portugese because that’s where my mother was from.” 

Things were getting weirder by the minute. 

“We’ve got to find and get rid of the monster, wherever it is.” I reminded them. 

“The wind’s blowing from the Northeast, so I’m guessing we should head that way.” John pointed out. I nodded and checked my phone GPS. 

“Let’s go kick some monster butt.” Cecily said, and so on we went. 


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;D Will write up soon! Love it!
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Also, I'm posting a question with all the links to current chapters.
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