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What badges are there and how many are there

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asked Dec 29, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by LunaLight (88,320 points)
Well, look at the question title,

1 Answer

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answered Dec 29, 2019 by Kitten (540,590 points)

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Just scroll down all the way to the bottom and you will see them!!

asked Sep 28, 2019 in Preteen /Tween Club by jellyfishlover (23,340 points)
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3 answers 33 views

Badges Bronze Voter x 1 100 Club x 1 Nice Answer x 84 Renewal x 24 Nice Question x 49 Grateful x 1 Medalist x 1 Gifted x 1 Asker x 1 Answerer x 1 Nice Comment x 44 ... 50,000 Club x 1 Olympian x 1 100,000 Club! x 1 Preacher x 1 Inquisitor x 1

asked Jan 30 in Other by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (192,100 points)
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2 answers 35 views

I'm not sure exactly how I got it.

asked Aug 23, 2019 in How-To by Autumn (66,850 points)
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if you every question and answer you see you can get devoted voter which is a gold badge 200 's to get it really not a lot and it makes others happy

asked Oct 4, 2018 in How-To by LunaLight (88,320 points)
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1 answer 54 views

Badge List The following is a list of all badges available on this site: Nice Question Question received +2 upvote x5679 Good Question Question received +3 upvote ... badges, 26756 awarded in total SOURCE:

asked Sep 1, 2019 in How-To by Kitten (540,590 points)
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5 answers 2,841 views

Just click on my name then scroll down to all the badges, and in bronze I got a BUNCH of Notable Question badges! If you have a bunch of these Badges, answer bellow.

asked Mar 1, 2017 in Other by TylerTheDrummer (74,260 points)
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1 answer 19 views

Who wrote Alice in wonderland? What's the story behind he book? Why did the author write it?

asked Nov 25, 2019 in Other by Jester
+7 votes
1 answer 18 views

LLM: Owner and host, producer Molly: LLM's Dog and assistant OC Guest: Commonly Tara. Callers in: Call in and are on speaker phone. All fictional And your recordings ... /guests. Also, PLEASE request the topic for the next show. Topics, guests, etc.

asked Oct 28, 2019 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (227,870 points)
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2 answers 33 views

Do you think haikus are poetry? I personaly do not. I see poetry as someting that can tell a story in some sort of format, haikus can't tell a story (well, ... Bright sunny blue sky above Under bright light (You can see, this really tells no story)

asked Aug 29, 2019 in Debate by LunaLight (88,320 points)
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2 answers 36 views

Maybe you could make it so users could get alerts (like badge notifictions) when someone favorites them? And put things like how many users, catogorys, tags, ect they favorited on their user page, as well as how many people have hearted them?

asked Oct 13, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by LunaLight (88,320 points)
+5 votes
2 answers 63 views

How many users are there on kidznet and kidztalk?

asked Apr 15, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by NATHAN (63,140 points)
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I'm a dude but nice to meet you peeps ​ I like bikes and anyting mechanical :P

asked Jun 27, 2017 in Other by BrandonBikerBoy (8,630 points)
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We need more activity in the LGBTQIA Club, I know there is a few bi users on kt, and I myself am lesbian, so could we get more posts?

asked Aug 18, 2019 in LGBTQIA Club by LunaLight (88,320 points)
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3 answers 47 views

Do emails get sent if a KT user changes their username?

asked Sep 29, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by LunaLight (88,320 points)
+9 votes
2 answers 13 views

How do you download an app with a QR code? Where do you go to scan it? Please Help Me!!!

asked Jan 13 in Other by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (192,100 points)
+8 votes
3 answers 47 views

Im am only 7 yers old so i need abit of help witrh this. How do i return a pointer to an array from a function in c++. thanks guys

asked Oct 3, 2019 in Science by gary
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How do you clear browser cache on a Samsung tablet?

asked Jul 18, 2019 in Technology by Luna midnight
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