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how are hot dogs made and do China people eat dogs? wonderinghuh

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answered 3 days ago by Kitten (329,140 points)
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a) Watch this video: 

b) Well, while it is illegal to eat dog, Chinese people remain the top consumers of dog meat. 

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answered 2 days ago by Coffee Cake (37,710 points)
Well I would tell you, but I think after hearing that you wouldn't want to eat hot dogs anymore lol
commented 2 days ago by Kitty_Kat (36,990 points)
My mom always tells me how hotdogs are made while I am trying to eat one. It always takes my appetite away, and I end up eating water
commented 1 day ago by Coffee Cake (37,710 points)
lol yeah, i remember also vividly when my volleyball coach told me how Freddy’s fry sauce is made... (shudder) I still love it, though lol.

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