My Fave Book & Manga Series: 2020 List (Spoilers)

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#6: Warrior Cats

I really liked WC as a preteen, especially the first few sagas (the sagas after Jayfeather/Lionblaze/Hollyleaf just got too repetive for me, so I quit reading right after *SPOILER* Firestar kicked the bucket. Save the Clans. Okay, great! Save the Clans. Again? Um... okay. SAVE THE CLANS, DOVEPAW!!! Geez. AGAIN!?!?!?! Save the Clans, Bramblestar's son- GEEZ, NO. I AM DONE WITH ALL THIS SAVING THE CLANS STUFF. GOOD. BYE.
Anyway, yeah. Liked it (in all it's humor and gore and action) until Dovepaw came into existence. It's about a group of feral cats operating under a Clan code, in the forest.

#5: One-Punch Man

This manga is still running, like Warriors, but I loved it when it first started. It was so funny and I loved Saitama's monotone comments on everything. After a while, it got a bit too liberal for me (I do still read it when a new volume comes out, but more or less with a grain of salt), and (this isn't because of the liberal stuff) it lost its humor. Saitama used to be so funny, then he just got so serious.
It's about a guy who became the most strength-powerful person in the world, yet he's a "hero for fun" and finds life boring. His mission is to find a villian strong enough to take on for more than a couple punches. 

#4: Tokyo Ghoul

This manga is very gory and is rated Older Teen for a reason, but I liked the morality issues that were raised in it. It is very interesting, but I stopped reading early on because before long it began to bash my views. I liked it a whole lot while it wasn't, though. 
It's about a college kid called Ken who is turned into a man-eating ghoul by a girl called Rize and basically shows him trying to live normally while being surronded by humans trying to kill him and ghouls trying to eat him. 

#3: Assassination Classroom

This manga is done and dead in the ground now, but it was a very funny and entertaining manga while it ran. It is very action-packed and funny. It is labeled as a comedy, anyway, but is rated Older Teen for suggestive stuff and some dark backstory. Otherwise, I loved the series: characters were very well-written, it was a fun journey, and Koro-Sensei was very entertaining as a character.
It's about a bunch of junior high students being trained by their teacher to kill their teacher, an "alien" called Koro Sensei (a play on words meaning "unkillable" *SPOILERS* but he's anything but, as they realize at the end). 

#2: Lord of the Rings/ Two Towers/ Return of the King

I love this series a lot. I'm still trying to read the other books relating to Middle-earth, but I really liked the poetic-ness and everything of these books. Characters are entertaining and interesting, the hard-to-pick-up humor is really funny once you understand it, and action is in it, though spread wide apart at the first of the book. 
It's about a Hobbit called Frodo who gets a cursed ring and must destroy it. He is protected by a group (of Fellowship) of 9 others: his Hobbit friends, an elf called Legolas, 2 men known as Aragorn and Boromir, a wizard called Gandalf, and a dwarf named Gimli. 

#1: Bleach

Yeah, you knew it. This is my fave series of all time. A manga, ending at 70-something volumes, was an instant hit with me. It was funny, bloody, heart-felt, and entertaining. It may seem a little odd to people outside of Japanese culture, and it was to me at first, but it is a very good manga. It is Teen and I reccommend it to anyone who likes funny and bloody manga. It isn't as gory as Tokyo Ghoul but is just as heart-felt.  Characters aren't scared to make fun of each other or themselves, and the main character is always entertaining. 
It is about a teen called Ichigo who is given Soul Reaper powers by an injuired girl called Rukia, and together they fight Hollows (evil spiirts). Itchy's not well versed in anything Soul Reaper so it's a learning curve for him as well as the reader to meet powerful Reapers and their culture. 

#0: Where's Harry Potter?

Outside of these, Harry Potter holds a special place in my heart. I didn't rank it cuz IDK where I would put it, since it is about the same rank as LotR. But I've known about it since I was 6, so it's a bit hard to rank something that;s been in my life so long! 

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I love warrior cats!!!!!
I read them all!
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answered 3 days ago by Propaganda
Loved AC!
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answered 3 days ago by LunaLight (78,650 points)
Assassination Classroom is hilarious, I'm watching the anime on Hulu, Karma is my favorite character, Koro-sensei is my second favorite.

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