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Question to the muslims,

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asked Jan 18 in Other by Snickerdoodles
Do Muslims celebrate Christmas? I know Jesus is a "Prophet" To you guys but, He is still important. So, u guys celebrate his birthday?
commented Jan 18 by AwsomeAda4
I am a muslim and I just wanted to tell you we do not celebrate Christmas but we do beileve in Jesus instead we don't think about Jesus in the Christian way. We don't beleive that Jesus is the son of God and we call him Isa and we have a muslim story for Isa.
commented Jan 19 by SnickerDoodles
I know. That's why i am asking.

3 Answers

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answered Jan 18 by midnight

yes we do celebrate his birthday on November 21st

commented Jan 18 by Kitten (518,650 points)
commented 2 days ago by Tasneem (1,610 points)
No we don't celebrate.
commented 2 days ago by Kitten (518,650 points)
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answered Jan 18 by Kitten (518,650 points)
This is really interesting as a Christian. I would like to know.
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answered 2 days ago by Tasneem (1,610 points)
No. We do not celebrate Christmas.

Dear Muslims,  Please don't blindly follow some tradition without knowing it's background.  I recommend you to watch this video:

And about birthdays, we, the muslims should not celebrate birthdays. To know why, watch this video:
commented 2 days ago by Kitten (518,650 points)
they can do what they want. I am christian and I am not blind. In my mind, you are the blind one.

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