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Accidentia Chapter 13 by ArtistGirl


Ilia’s POV


I tightened my ponytail. Cecily tilted her head and looked into my eyes. “You’re scared.” she said matter-of-factly. “You don’t think we’ll make it, you think we’re all going to die.” 


Sometimes that child scares me. 


“You believe that we’ll be fighting these monsters in vain,” she continued, “and that we’ll be pursued by the monsters for the rest of our short lives.” She turned away and started skipping down the street towards the monster. 


Yup. That child really scares me. 


I turned to John. “Why are we heading towards the monster? We aren’t even armed!” 


“We have our powers,” he reminded me. Yeah, hopefully there’s a fountain there. 


I had no such luck.


We found the monster walking around a large courtyard where two roads split and made a circle. She was knocking over stalls set up all around the circle, growling, as if she was looking for something. The monster looked just like the ones Vivi and I had encountered at school, but it was more animal-like, and bigger. 


Way bigger. 


The monster was about 3 times the size of the ones we saw, and looked about 3 times as aggressive. 


She paused and sniffed the air as if she noticed something. She started walking faster in our direction. 


The monster broke into a run. 


John grabbed me and Cecily and we ducked under a stall. The old man running the stall looked down at us. 


“You need weapons?” he asked in broken English. I peeked up at his stall and sure enough, it was covered in all sorts of swords, guns, and knives. Weird. 


I grabbed a rifle for John, a light sword for myself, and -I know I shouldn’t give weapons to a seven year old but who cares- a dagger for Cecily. 


The monster sniffed us out, but we were almost prepared. 




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