I need cats for my Warrior Cats FanFic!!! PLZ LOOK!

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asked Jan 22, 2020 in Fanfiction by ❤KittyKat❤ (120,250 points)

Hey! I finished reading the whole (yes, yes, I read all of it T~T. I mean EVERYTHING!) series and I wanted to do another shot at the fanfic! I wanted to share it with you! YOU WANT TO MAKE ONE HERE YOU GO! If you want to be in it just comment your cat/OC like this:


Clan: Wind/Thunder/Shadow/River/Sky              OC is in Thunderclan or Windclan... I haven't decided yet.... T~T

Age: Kit/Apprentice/Warrior/Elder/whatever ur oc is

Position: Leader/Deputy/Warrior/Elder/Medicine Cat  ///// You might not get what you pick, so don't be offended

Personality: Scary/nice/scatterbrained/silly



Here's my OC!

Name: Dapplekit 

Clan: Thunderclan or Shadowclan

Age: Kit (she grows up later...duh...)

Position: DiDnT I sAy ShE WoUlD GrOw Up LaTeR???

Personality: Mischievous, very persuasive, sassy, a good fighter, a meh hunter because she's a little clumsy, and friendly (most of the time).         She-Cat\

Looks: A calico and white she cat with cool blue eyes. 

Name: Badgerkit 

Clan: Littermate with Dapplekit, so in the same clan

Age: He grows up later

Position: DiDnT I sAy hE WoUlD GrOw Up LaTeR???

Personality :Partners in crime with Dapplekit, loud, sarcastic

Looks: White stripes on his cheeks and forehead. Main color is black. Tom



P.S: This take place after Vision of Shadows/Broken Code!


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answered Feb 2, 2020 by Pumpkin (705,020 points)

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