Who is Your Hero?

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Write a 500 words or less essay telling us about your hero and why they  inspire you. The person can be living or dead.


commented Jan 31 by ❤KittyKat❤ (119,970 points)
Hey! I edited my entry a little. Just want to make sure you check it!
commented Feb 1 by kidzsearch (140,330 points)
We have it and will be picking winners over the weekend.
commented Feb 1 by ❤KittyKat❤ (119,970 points)
ohh. So the due date is on Monday Feb. 2?
commented Feb 1 by kidzsearch (140,330 points)
You can still make edits, but the date for new entries was yesterday.
commented Feb 1 by ❤KittyKat❤ (119,970 points)
Okie dokey! Thanks!
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Check mine too! Please

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My hero is my mom. She is the strongest, fiercest, most courageous woman I know. My mother was born in South America, but when she was 14 she came to the states. It was very hard, transitioning to a place where you don't even know the language. She started to go to school, and she worked very hard working, but then she had me at 19-20 years old. My father was also working in the military. Mother let my grandparents take care of me in the day. Father got a job opportunity in Florida, so we moved there. My mom had my brother, then started taking care of us full time. Mother had to cope with moving around, and not staying with her friends and family. She faced a lot a racism and sexism because she looked like a Hispanic female, but powered through it. I love her so much, I can't put it into words. She keeps me company, she helps me out of the dark holes I put myself in, and she has always loved me, even when I don't deserve her love. She keeps me in check, helps me with anything, and always talks and answers my questions. She loves me, cares about me, and would die for me. I don't deserve such a beautiful, caring, and loving mother. I love her so much, and my life wouldn't be the same without her
commented Jan 29 by im kanye (373,050 points)
Me too!! My mom moved here with me when she was 32, so she was pretty old by then so I imagine how hard it was. But, I am someone who looks like a Hispanic female and so is my mother doesnt even know English good now and none of us has ever faced Racism nor sexism, and ive lived in Florida so can't relate
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answered Jan 31 by ❤KittyKat❤ (119,970 points)
My second entry:

My hero, my father. My father is a very brave, smart, and strong. He is strict but I know he does it because he cares about me. He is always teaching me stuff, if it's about science, physics, or math, I am always learning something! He is always there if I want to talk to him, and he'd be willing to beat up anyone whose mean to me (I'm not He is in the military, so we are always on the move. He has to go to training out of town or even state sometimes. He always calls, and makes sure that we know that he is thinking about us. He is very smart, I call him google sometimes. He helps me with math, if I am having trouble. Father is a little overprotective, but I understand that he is that way because he worries about me. He always lifts me up if I'm sad, always has a joke for me, and loves me fiercely. I love him dearly, and will always look up to him!
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answered Jan 29 by kitten (645,250 points)

Kitten - entry 2 


My grandmother is my hero

My grandmother is a shining jewel in this often dull world. She is my definition of kindness. SHe was there when I was born, on christmas, and of course, in my heart. Grandma also had a great work ethic. She and grandpa worked for decades to pave the way for our later family. She is the reason that I can go to college! My grandma is a heartless woman! Here is why:


  She is a role model for my life

My grandma worked for decades to pave the way for my family. She worked at 3M and worked in the chemistry department. She worked with my grandpa in the same 3M campus. She worked long enough to get payments even in retirement so that she could help the family. Even t her home she always invites others into her house for dinners.  


She is the definition of kindness

When my mom could not make it out to minnesota, she at the age of 78 and my grandpa who is 83 came out to us. She calls me almost every week and we get to talk for about 40 minutes per call. She is interested in what is going on in my life. But the best thing she does is mail me comic strips. Me and grandma always loved reading comics when I was little. So she now mails me comics that she selects just for me.



 Over all, I know now that my grandma is the definition of kindness for me. She paved a path that I will continue, a path that all my values are based upon. She paved a path that I will ALWAYS follow. She is truly my hero.

commented Jan 29 by PrincessKittens Left (203,270 points)
idk if ur allowed to have 2?
commented Jan 30 by kitten (645,250 points)
they never said I could not...
commented Jan 30 by kidzsearch (140,330 points)
You can have more than one entry. However, we will just select the best one in our opinion for the contest.
commented Jan 30 by kitten (645,250 points)
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answered Jan 29 by kitten (645,250 points)

My Hero


  My Note: Coffee cake already did god (Congratulations to her) SO I will pick my cats.


Who is my hero? My cats are my hero. Between purrs, claws, bites, and licking, my cats have guided me through life through thick and thin. Every day, they look at me with a twinkle in their eyes as they await their breakfast. But they also take care of me when I cannot find the strength to take good care of them.


My cat Licks is my hero. Licks takes care of me when I cannot take care of her. Every night, she purrs me to sleep; everyday she looks at me with awe and satisfaction, always happy; always content. She always walks on my computer while I type the kidzsearch magazine, never afraid to voice her opinions online. Every day after school, licks is waiting in the window for me. She is there for me when I cry. She is my hero.


My cat Moonlight is my hero. He may scratch and bite but he teaches me great life lessons about creativity. Every day he carries his toys up and down the stairs into his room and brings it into bed. He taught me forgiveness and true character. Every night he walks the house, black like the night and giving me peace of mind that someone is there. Even when my parents are away for a shopping trip. He is my hero. 


You might think its funny that my cats are my heroes but they are never judging. Even when my parents, my school. My friends and my brother doubt me, cats are always there for you wherever you go. When I have to switch between my divorced mom and dad's houses, I always have a cat waiting for me, no matter what.

commented Jan 29 by PrincessKittens Left (203,270 points)
Cool! XD my cat is also my hero a bit!
commented Jan 29 by kitten (645,250 points)
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answered Jan 29 by PrincessKittens Left (203,270 points)

My hero is my grand father!

My grand father was scientist and a really great man!

He was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2014, survived cancer after 5 months in June of 2014
And then later got cancer again in July of 2017, then he died 9 months later in April of 2018 :(

But when he was still alive he was amazing!

When I was little he used to read stories to me all the time.
When I grew older, he stopped reading to me much, but we always had great times together!

A month before he died he said this to me "if I die... remember, it is all part of God's plan!"
And I remember that it is part of God's plan every time something bad happens. (Which is surprisingly often in my life)


 - ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎

commented Jan 30 by JD2005
Scientist? Great! I wonder if he was a famous person.
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answered Jan 28 by Lemony The Bean (114,690 points)
My hero is my lord, Jesus Christ.

Everybodt believes in something different, from Allah to Yahweh to Buddha to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, (yes, it is really a thing), but I believe that in the end, they are all the same god going by different ways appearing differently to different people. My lord, Jesus performed many miracles, such as changing water into wine, healing lepers, raising people from the dead, and walking on water. He went great lengths to lead the people he called his sons and daughters into salvation. Even when we stray from him, or try to hide from his divine light, he's always looking for us, like in the parable he taught in which a shepherd had 100 sheep, and lost one, and left the other 99 to search for the one that had gone astray from him. My grandma is a great example of his light and love burning inside of someone. She is 70 years old, I think, and when she comes to church with us, she says that during Communion she can see people's guardian angels watching over them. She says that Communion is when God's love shines the brightest on all of us. I want to follow in her footsteps, and my mother's. and become a disciple of god, making the world a better place wherever I go. My mother is another great example of spreading God's word in today's modern world. She works tirelessly as the Faith Formation Administrator at my church, teaching the word of god to children from three to their last year of high school, and beyond. She stays up to all hours of the night, making sure her lesson plans for the next day are flawless, checking time sheets, and arranging meetings with all of the teachers. Although it is hard for my family to take weekend vacations with her working on Sundays, we love her all the more for it because she is teaching the word of the Lord our God to the next generation.

In short, Jesus is my hero because he saves people, loves us no matter what we do against him, ad lights a fire in each of our hearts with a passion that burns so bright the whole world can see. We are called to make this world happier with every step of out journey of life.
commented Jan 28 by kitten (645,250 points)
commented Jan 29 by ❤KittyKat❤ (119,970 points)
You go gurl!
commented Feb 1 by Lemony The Bean (114,690 points)
Thanks, you both!

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