I LOST A FRIEND? What should I do

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asked Jan 29 in Personal by Ada4

I have this friend she's been my friend for a long time but now she's mean and bossy to me like once at art time I was like "Look! Our art teacher has a Beetles album" And she's like "Oh Ha like YOU know what the Beetles are". Then she put her hands on her shoulders.She's always so bossy and she thinks I'm dumb all the time. The only time she talks to me is when she's being mean. I mean I don't wanna be friends with her but I knew her for a long time. cry_smile What should I do?

commented Feb 10 by Kitten (573,160 points)

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answered Feb 9 by PrincessKittens Left (202,490 points)
Is this pinned?

commented Feb 10 by JD2005
I think it is. @Ada4 told KS to pin it and they did.
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answered Feb 9 by Kitten (573,160 points)
Your "friend" does not deserve you!
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answered Jan 31 by Ada4

Yeah so I'm the girl who wrote this and I love all your answers but the problum is that this girl has other friends who are also my friends and if I'm friends with her friends then I have to like my friend Sara and Sara and our friends expect me to like Sara. I mean that everyone expects me to like Sara because her friends are nice and they are also nice to me so they want me and Sara to be friends.confused

commented Feb 9 by Lemony The Bean (75,610 points)
I have been in this situation. Just be true to you and if you don’t feel like Sara is being a good influence on your life, trust your gut. Unless your like me and can’t let people just leave your life. Then I don’t really know what to tell you...
commented Feb 9 by Ada4
I am really like you because i can't let people go
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answered Jan 29 by Queeny (117,340 points)
It sounds like she's more of a bully than a friend. I suggest you ignore her, or tell her how you feel about the way she treats you. If she gets violent or her insults start escalating, you should tell a trusted adult about her.
commented Jan 31 by Ada4
Thanks! I'll try that but you should read the extra comment I gave on the top. What I'm trying to say is that I don't have any friends exept the people in her group

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