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  I am walking. I don't know where I am walking. Steve has his arm around me. My eyes are closed.


"Maya, are you ok?"

"Hmm umm ya hum"

"I don't know how to speak hum. English Please?"

 I laugh. I had not laughed since the tree falling.


 "I know you dislike me now."

"I don't dislike you, I hate you!", I say.

 I stare at him. He opens his mouth just a little bit. I move closer, and I kiss him. I feel like I am on fire, he must feel it too. I forget about everything in the world. I pull away.

"Maya, what did that m-"

"I don't know. Are you my b-"

"I gues-"

"Lets just go with ye-"

"Yes. Yes. I am not your brother."

"Amazing. I really didn't know that."




I felt better having her around, but it scared me how easily she forgave me. I stop. I can hear a car. I sit down. Maya opens her eyes and sits beside me. I see a car and I wave my hands like a wild man. The car stops.

"AYE! What are you kids doing on the side of the road like that?" a voice says.

"Is that Maya? Oh meee gosh! M AYA! Are you OK?"

"Mara? Is that you?" Maya says.

"Yes! Get in! You and your.. um.."

"Boyfriend." I say sharply.


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I love it. love the rotation of personal perspectives. top-knotch winner!

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great job! I love how u give the personal view of both characters! I'm not too big on romance novels, but this is the next big thing!

P.S., if u email me and tell me its u i'll give u the password 4 our new account and we can discuss plots!

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answered Oct 31, 2015 by jazzlinny (37,370 points)
Is this all???? Is this the last????
commented Nov 2, 2015 by GymnastPower (34,640 points)
Last of what? There are al lot more chapters. Then the barrier.

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I'll post a PDF of it, just 4 u guys!

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