Poetry Helps Me Express My Feelings.

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asked Feb 5, 2020 in Lemony’s Slice by Lemony The Bean (122,450 points)

This one I made about KNG.

Why did you have to leave me?

I only have memories to hold onto

They're so tangible, I cover myself with them, like a blanket...

But, with time, the blanket fades

Leaving me shivering in the cold

Objects are memories.

The small gifts you gave me,

a mechanical pencil, a drawing of a dragon

I treasure every conversation

Our interactions locked in my mind, replay like a music box

My thoughts are caged, I can't let people see the roaring lion within

Maybe this is why I cry into my pillow every night

I cared for you more than anyone else, at the time

I stayed when nobody else would

You toyed with my feelings

Tried to change me into the friend you wanted

And like dried clay, when you tried to change my form, I cracked

You cast me away like an unwanted toy

When you realized I was too fragile, that I always needed someone to hold onto

Left my heart shattered in a thousand pieces

With only objects for memories.


Here’s one about how I feel inside during class.

Sitting still? Psh, what’s that?

Foot wiggles restlessly, or else

fingers start drumming piano rhythms on the table

If I have a clicker pen, look out.

Teacher says to take notes

She drones on endlessly about graphing undefined slopes, multiple-step equations, and the like

I doodle on the paper

My thoughts spilling out through the lead of my pencil

Doodles from inside the rainbow realm of my mind

A dolphin in a fedora, a cupcake with wheels, a flashlight shining light onto a shadow of a bunny

I think about recess, about y’all here on KT, about my dog...

A downward spiral and my focus succumbs to zero

Totally zoned out, immersed in my realm with music playing in my head

What? Class is already over? 



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answered Feb 9, 2020 by xXAutumn-BlossomXx (8,130 points)
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I wish i could write like that.. also, the first one sounds good as a rap just put a beat in you head ind it really comes together! I think you are a really good writer, especially compared to me Lolz writing is NOT my thing!
commented Feb 9, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (122,450 points)
Thank you. People say i have a knack for it, so I guess they’re right.
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answered Feb 5, 2020 by LunaLight (123,450 points)
I use poetry the same way, some of my poems are here-
commented Feb 6, 2020 by Jabber (26,800 points)
same here!
commented Feb 6, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (122,450 points)
The link is blocked for me, but I’m sure they’re AMAZIN’!

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