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Looking for an up-beat song that is fun?

+6 votes
asked 3 days ago in Music / Fine Arts by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (182,140 points)
"I Don't Wanna Be Sad" by Simple Plan

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This is just a short story about me baking cookies... I and my Mom were baking chocolate chip cookies! But when we went shopping yesterday we forgot to get the chocolate ... ... it actually worked! LOL So yeah I beat up chocolate with a spoon! XD

asked Feb 4 in Shout-Outs by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (182,140 points)
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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xo1VInw-SKc https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/rachelplatten/fightsong.html

asked Aug 16, 2019 in Cheetah Girls Singing Club by C.Clay (15,340 points)
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idk about this one i'm tied between don't let me down and can't stop the feeling :D

asked Jul 12, 2016 in Music Entertainment by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,500 points)
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Dear KidzSearchers, I have a fun music activity. For this activity you have to know what a variation is. For those who don't know, here's a definition: Variation: A ... . You could write it on anything. Even on StateFarm™! Hope you have fun, Lou Lou

asked Mar 30, 2016 in Music / Fine Arts by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,500 points)
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Was it hot and cold or E.T?

asked Jan 9, 2016 in Music / Fine Arts by Lou Lou
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Did Handel of Bach write this song?This song is baroque music.

asked Nov 28, 2013 in Music / Fine Arts by smile828 (31,860 points)
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Who likes to sing? I DO!

asked 3 days ago in Music / Fine Arts by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (182,140 points)
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Standing On The Shoulders by Joyce Johnson Rouse I am standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before me I am stronger for their courage, I am wiser for their words ... meaning of the words. The music is really nice too, if you listen to that.

asked Nov 12, 2019 in Music / Fine Arts by ArtistGirl (23,360 points)
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I really love to sing! Do you know any good songs that are fun to listen to and sing?

asked Jan 11, 2019 in Music / Fine Arts by Coolgirl
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(This is one of my favorite songs!)(I got the idea to post lyrich from JD2005.) I won't lie to you I know he's just not right for you And you can ... Music Publishing Group, Words & Music A Div Of Big Deal Music LLC, Concord Music Publishing LLC

asked Jan 11 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (218,190 points)
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I was playing at the park and I saw this girl playing basketball so I was trying to see if she would make a shot buuuuut she thought I was being a ***** and jumped on ... was mad so I kicked over trash cans and that's when I posted " I hate me self"

asked Jul 2, 2017 in Other by BrandonBikerBoy (8,630 points)
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So, the day before thanksgiving break, my class was coloring and watching charlie brown thanksgiving, i was sitting in my friends chair because i wanted to talk to my friend ... says she forgives me but clearly doesnt. WHAT SHOULD I DO??????????

asked Nov 28, 2018 in Personal by Juosetttaaaa
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thank you for voteing i loooooveeeeee yalll i will post more

asked Dec 18, 2019 in Other by #ONLY FOR GIRLS CHEEK
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Clue:people get older by this thing

asked Jan 1, 2016 in Other by Annesha
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hey guys it is me Kenna and i wanna tell you how awesome you are for being there for people and in the comments wright what you are thankful for i am always ... and sound also happy thanks giving and i hope your food and drinks are wonderful -kenna

asked Nov 26, 2019 in Other by kenna
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Get ready

asked Dec 11, 2019 in Personal by Chee-z Toast
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Trypophobia is the fear of tiny holes or tiny bumps!

asked Jul 9, 2018 in Other by TylerTheDrummer (73,760 points)
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9. There's a postcard addressed to Carl and Ellie pinned to Andy's wall in Toy Story 3.

asked Jun 17, 2017 in Film / TV by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,500 points)
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1. Mr. Smith has 4 daughters, each of his daughters has a brother. How many children does Mr. Smith have? 2. Wednesday, Tom and Joe went to a diner to eat dinner. ... the food. Who did? 3. How do you make the number one Disappear by adding to it?

asked Aug 6, 2016 in Jokes & Riddles by HungerGames1234 (5,820 points)
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All credit goes to V on Khan Academy! Remember to tell me your favorite joke(s) 1. Before Marriage: Boy: Ah at last. I can hardly wait. Girl: Do you want me to leave ... : I haven't decided yet. Moe: What did you give him last year? Joe: The measles.

asked Jan 22, 2016 in Jokes & Riddles by jazzlinny (38,100 points)
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what fun stuff do you like to do. I like to do sports. like soccer and basketball what about you

asked May 27, 2015 in Fun Stuff by sparkle711
+11 votes
1 answer 2,322 views

Riddle: I may be of the eye, in order I am pie, in my center there is a star, I keep medics where they are.

asked May 28, 2014 in Jokes & Riddles by Cupcake549 (32,320 points)
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RIDDLE ME THIS: For some I go fast for others I'm slow. To most people, I'm an obsession relying on me is a well practiced lesson.

asked May 26, 2014 in Jokes & Riddles by Cupcake549 (32,320 points)

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