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United States of America!

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asked 3 days ago in Random Posts by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (182,140 points)

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answered 3 days ago by lunalovegoodmolly (218,190 points)
selected 14 hours ago by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎
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commented 3 days ago by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (182,140 points)
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answered 3 days ago by Kitten (518,650 points)
commented 3 days ago by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (182,140 points)
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answered 2 days ago by toad aka star (319,350 points)

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No. Name Term of Office 1 George Washington 1789 - 1797 2 John Adams 1797 - 1801 3 Thomas Jefferson 1801 - 1809 4 James Madison 1809 - 1817 5 James Monroe 1817 - ... Walker Bush 2001 - 2009 44 Barack Hussein Obama 2009 - 2017 45 Donald Trump 2017 -

asked 4 days ago in News & Politics by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (182,140 points)
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I know by the time you read this, the President of the United States will have probably already been chosen. But still... America is doomed. Or so we thought ... completely true, were just examples and not used to make a specific candidate look bad

asked Nov 9, 2016 in News & Politics by Anonymous
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If you agree say 2 If you disagree say 3 I post too much!

asked 4 days ago in Random Posts by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (182,140 points)
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One of the nice places to go is Italy. And the highlights of Italy are the Leaning Tower of Pisa and here's a fact..... the foundation was soft under the Leaning Tower of ... you'll go then you can fly home. Hope ya'll come to some of those places!

asked May 23, 2016 in AskTyler043007 by TylerTheDrummer (73,760 points)
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I am running out of ideas for random posts...

asked 3 days ago in Random Posts by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (182,140 points)
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The first flash was black: Aomidori had moved first. Ic'enix barely dodged the blow, moving expertly out of the way. She spun on her right foot, swinging her own sword at ... . I won't post the first part of Chapter 4 until tomorrow or the next day.

asked Aug 5, 2019 in Fiction by -GEMHeart- (276,310 points)
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1 answer 33 views

Thanks for reading and shout-out to Lunalovegoodmolly!!! Thanks for your kind words and hope you enjoyed the cliffhanger from last time. If you guys enjoy it, recommend ... Anwil held his breath in, as the first blade swung up and caught the light.

asked Aug 2, 2019 in Fiction by -GEMHeart- (276,310 points)
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Rage is quite a strong emotion. The feeling of being cheated, being angry about it, is so powerful it could rip apart someone like a ship in a storm. But no one feels it ... s great thief is a man?" Ic'enix smirked, tossing Anwil's sword up and down.

asked Aug 2, 2019 in Fiction by -GEMHeart- (276,310 points)
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0 answers 69 views

Now it's 38 medals! Keep it up USA!

asked Aug 12, 2016 in Sports by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,500 points)
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4 answers 155 views

19 medals so far made by the US in the Rio Olympics! Whoo Hoo keep it up!

asked Aug 9, 2016 in Sports by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,500 points)
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One of my friends might be joining KidzTalk She is gonna ask her parents if she can get an account and hopefully they say yes! :) (If you were wondering its not the one i was posting about that doesnt like me anymore)

asked 1 day ago in Personal by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (182,140 points)
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Quote of the Day "If you really wanna do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." Jim Rohn American Entrepreneur Suggested by -GEMHEART- in ... /42688/well-looks-like-my-column-is-empty-hmmmm. For the mag! Hope you like it!

asked May 29, 2019 in Drafts by OpalGemStar (55,360 points)
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It will either be called Forest Feline or Wood Walker, but it will be about a cat who gets lost deep in the woods and has to learn to survive to get out. First person pov

asked Nov 28, 2018 in Fiction by LunaLight (87,340 points)
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3 answers 69 views

The Queen of Hearts was sitting next to Jeremy at daycare. The Queen stole his candy. One of the adult saw it. adult:"Hey, ms. Hearts?" Queen:"Yes?" adult:"How ... Just a comedy skit i made with baby Queen of Hearts at daycare. What could go wrong?

asked Oct 23, 2018 in Jokes & Riddles by LunaLight (87,340 points)
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1 answer 88 views

Like they put Post a Question Instead of Ask A Question! And by your name, you can see updates! Thanks kidzsearch!

asked Jul 8, 2017 in Technology by TylerTheDrummer (73,760 points)
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1 answer 95 views
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Although it's raining cats and dogs outside, happy first day of Summer!

asked Jun 21, 2017 in Holidays and Events by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,500 points)
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What I saw really confused me.A lot Was Indi,my best friend,sitting with Mackenzie urban? The person who bullied me every day? My heart sank,as I saw them laughing ... feeling someone was watching me though,as I was trying not to run in the halls.

asked May 27, 2017 in Books / General by Vanilla Bean (85,340 points)
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2 answers 71 views

Chapter 2 My sandals pounded on the sidewalk.I was late for school. Of course I looked like I just woke up.Which was partly true. When I arrived at school, my best friend ... at a lunch table." Now where"s Indi?" What I saw really confused me.A lot.

asked May 18, 2017 in Other by Vanilla Bean (85,340 points)
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2 answers 113 views

Prologue My name is Jay Twilight Briskhimer.I am 12.I attend Rocky Hill Academy. My mother passed away when i was 2 .i just live with my dad now. Chapter 1; All ... Almost everyone misses her.Dad misses her.I miss her. I bet the moon misses her,too.

asked May 17, 2017 in Fiction by Vanilla Bean (85,340 points)
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4 answers 123 views

Another Highway Road to Orlando Lake or River? Chicago Cloudy but a Beauty My Backyard Atlanta Chandeliers More is coming out!

asked May 16, 2017 in Pictures and Drawings by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,500 points)
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Flowers Galore! The Endless Highway Beautiful River Trees, Trees, and More Trees! Kent Falls Grassy Mountains Like'em? Watch out for more!

asked May 15, 2017 in Other by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,500 points)
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The Choice Of Hope Chapter 3 Story by 2CutePandiLou and Gemheart As Hope arrived at the library, she was overwhelmed by heat. Her frozen tears melted instantly, ... the file. αиd σρєи yєт αиσтнєя diรтαит мyรтєяy.

asked May 2, 2017 in Fiction by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,500 points)
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1 answer 425 views

The Choice of Hope Chapter 1 By Lou and Gem It was dinnertime in the St. Mary Ann's Orphanage. Children were moaning about the hideous oatmeal that was being served ... and took a step into the crunchy, white snow. ɑ รtɛp tѳwɑʀɗร ɦɛʀ ɛɳɗʆɛรร ʝѳuʀɳɛy.

asked Apr 30, 2017 in Ask KidzSearch by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,500 points)

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