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Why I am not going to maintain the Number 1 rank

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asked 3 days ago in General Blogs by Kitten (518,650 points)

I have decided not to maintain the number 1 rank for 5 years because

  • I would be in college 
  • I would not have a real life XD

3 Answers

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answered 2 days ago by toad aka star (319,350 points)
selected 2 days ago by Kitten
Best answer
lol, well, I meeeaaan, I'll be gone in next year or so. I'll too doo loo in highschool. but y'know, five years is a lot of time.
+3 votes
answered 3 days ago by arkzo (418,880 points)
who knows, you might be able to. i'm not really trying anymore, and you're 85k points over me. if you take a break, it wont make much of a change.
commented 2 days ago by Kitten (518,650 points)
until princess kittens passes me
+3 votes
answered 3 days ago by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (182,140 points)

Well eventually... 

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blog! Called SweetieGem Blog

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