I Will Draw/Create Fursonas!

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asked Feb 15 in Furry Club by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)
I can draw/create fursonas! If you have one already, just give me a picture reference or a detailed description, and if you want me to make one for you, just tell me if you want a specific species/color/etc. I will most likely use a base, and I can do any species. There will be my watermark in the corner.

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answered Feb 26 by jellyfishlover (37,520 points)
selected Apr 14 by Lemony The Bean
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Oh, can you do Bubbly?!



Her body blends from blue to purple and she has yellow dots on her chest. Her arms are black, and she has a, like, yellow zig-zag halfway down her arms. She still has the black markings around her eyes and black ears. Her eyes are black, too. And she has a black stubby tail. Thanks in advance!
commented Feb 27 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)
OK! I’ll got right on it! Sorry if it’s not done right away, I’m kinda busy with homework and stuffs.
commented Feb 27 by jellyfishlover (37,520 points)
That's ok, I don't mind!
commented Mar 28 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)

The lineart is original by me, nobody steal! Not like anyone would, just had to put that out there. Hope you like!

commented Mar 28 by jellyfishlover (37,520 points)
Oh,wow!! I love that!
commented Mar 28 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)
awh, thanks!
commented Mar 29 by jellyfishlover (37,520 points)
Np! :)
commented Mar 29 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)

I recently made a b&w drawing of myself in-suit, but with the head off, I’m pretty proud of it except the sweater makes me look fat

commented Mar 30 by jellyfishlover (37,520 points)
That’s good!
commented Mar 30 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)
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answered Feb 25 by ❤KittyKat❤ (119,930 points)
I love your drawings! I have this kitty, I've been thinking of drawing, but I haven't really had time for.


She's a cat, not anthropomorphic, really floofy,  is a pastel ombre, I would like the top  (head/ears) of her to be a pastel-y purple, and her body a pastel pink, and her paws a pink, but her left paw white. Her eyes, either a Amber Brown, grey, or an icy blue, whichever matches better.
commented Feb 25 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)
Ok! I'll got to it, but I've been busy, so I can't make any time promises, sorry. I'll get it to you as soon as I can!
commented Feb 25 by ❤KittyKat❤ (119,930 points)
It's ok if it's not done soon! Yay!!! I'm excited
commented Jul 2 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)

I know it’s been WAAAY too long, but I just had some inspiration and decided to finish the Buffy drawing... gave her a lil star patchy for artistic liberty, if you don’t like it I can take it off tho :) 

commented Jul 7 by ❤KittyKat❤ (119,930 points)
Awww! Thanks for Buffy! I love the star!
commented Jul 7 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)
yay! I’m glad you like it! Maybe once KidzArt comes around i could send it to you as a badge :)
commented Jul 8 by ❤KittyKat❤ (119,930 points)
Oh sure! Thanks <3
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answered Feb 15 by LunaLight (97,190 points)
Could you draw one of both? I have one, Kera, but have ideas for another.


She is a fox, anthropomorphic, brown hair and ears, black eyes, brown tail with white at the end, edgy sort of clothing style (black leather jacket, light grey/white shirt, red scarf, and jeans).



Wolf, blue eyes, I do not care if it if anthropomorphic or not, but if not, make the fur pastel pink, purple and blue (sorta cotton candy swirl pattern) with random black markings. If it is anthropomorphic, hair, tail, and ears still the same pattern but for clothing, look up anime pastel goth and you can get a good idea. Any other details, I don't care, I'll leave that up to you.
commented Feb 15 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)
I’ll get right on it!
commented Feb 16 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)
Did you mean, for the second one, that Rando was his/her name, or for me to make up a randoM name? Also, what is his/her gender/sexuality?
commented Feb 16 by LunaLight (97,190 points)
You can make a random name. And for gender, female, for sexuality... pan?
commented Feb 16 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)
commented Feb 24 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)

I’m so sorry I haven’t finished sooner, it’s been a hectic week, but I finished the cotton-candy-swirl dog. I used a base, and I thought she looked real cute non-anthro, and I called her Apryl, but you can change that. 

commented Feb 25 by LunaLight (97,190 points)
Aww, cute!
commented Feb 25 by ❤KittyKat❤ (119,930 points)

Oh mah god... It's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!


commented Feb 25 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)
I'm glad y'all like her!
commented Mar 28 by Lemony The Bean (113,010 points)
So Luna, about Kera, I have problems sometimes drawing clothes on furries, do you think i could just do her basic then draw clothes examples on the side?
commented Mar 31 by LunaLight (97,190 points)

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