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Do you like to play monoploy?

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asked Mar 27, 2013 in Fun Stuff by Cupcake549 (32,320 points)

4 Answers

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answered Mar 27, 2013 by mathgeek36 (41,550 points)
selected Mar 27, 2013 by Cupcake549
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Yes,  I loove to play Monopoly.

What's your favorite gamepiece?

Mine's the airplane...

Hopefully this helps!
commented Mar 27, 2013 by Cupcake549 (32,320 points)
my favorite is the the dog!
+1 vote
answered Mar 27, 2013 by smile828 (31,940 points)
Mnoploy is a fun game to play.
+1 vote
answered Jul 28, 2014 by arkzo (420,080 points)
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answered Jul 28, 2014 by tdtl1802 (13,320 points)
Monopoly is fun unless your playing with sore loosers or sore winners....
commented Oct 3, 2016 by BigSkyGirl
Totally agree with you...
commented Sep 19, 2017 by Jenny (21,250 points)

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If so, what's your favorite title from the series? Also, if anyone's played Dream Drop Distance (KH: 3D), how was it? Riku's haircut hnnngh

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Have the normal NES but I hope that I get the SNES!

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please be honest i want to know if i need to ask better questions.

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Explain my personality. Answer these questions in which you think I am, based of my personality. First, write a short paragraph on describing my personality. 2. Cat or dog? 3. ... back to you as soon as I can! I laos have the most random tags...

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I am!! It comes out in November.

asked Jul 29, 2013 in Film / TV by mathgeek36 (41,550 points)
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There is only one right answer!

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