What is the beauty standards where you live?

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asked Feb 22 in Fashion/Style by im kanye (373,050 points)
In America, ours is dark tanned golden skin, blond hair and blue eyes, really curvy but slimy waist. I mean, everyone tans here, from what I've heard we really want to not have pale skin. And of course really huge, plump lips. Personally, it's not really what I go for... but you know.

What's yours?
commented Feb 23 by Lemony The Bean (114,310 points)
I honestly don’t know about real life, but in my school, it’s y’all, skinny, blond or chestnut hair, skinny legs. IDK if this is real, it’s just me...
commented Feb 25 by I exist sometim
my school nobody rally judges by looks.. its more of people comparing themselves to others.
commented Mar 23 by CoralSophie08 (22,000 points)
Well, mine is basically the same. Of course, I have to have been gifted with really REALLY pale skin, so 1. I get sunburned easily, and 2. I live in America, soo....
commented Mar 24 by im kanye (373,050 points)
I have skin that can tan really easily, but my mom is colorist since she's really dark herself, she basically forces me to not go out in the sun because she knows I'll tan easier then my sister. One time I went out in the sun and got really dark, my mom put so much product on me it was comical. Anyways, pale skin in other places like Asia are a blessing, so if your ugly one place know that your pretty somewhere else :)

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answered May 24 by ausgirl0302s (1,840 points)
In Australia it basically the same except they also like Islander girls ( Samoan and Tongan ) bc they are curvy and tanned. Girls with brown hair and blue or green eyes also get a lot of attention.
commented May 24 by im kanye (373,050 points)
Basically, like the US since all of the west has quite similar beauty standards lol
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answered Feb 22 by kitten (643,510 points)
I am in America, so the same. LL

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