Loca Novis [ Chapter Six ] By Knight Star

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Chapter Six Loca Novis

Chapter by Knight Star, characters in chapter by Knight Star. A co-op with Artist Girl. 

Loca Novis Chapter 5/6



My clothes, whose were fitted perfectly against my own skin had not protected me from the stings of the yellow hay. I felt lost into my own drifted world, holding the wagon’s rails with splinter filled chances of my revealed pasty skin being prickled once more had alarmed to the finest. Yet, it was a bumpy road, and I was ever so afraid of falling over the ledge.

“So, what might be your name?” said the same man, with a white blouse that had dust contracted all over himself. And yet, he had seemed unbothered by his own filthiness. I puckered up the courage to talk back, even though I was still baffled with shock and fear. “You have to have a name, you are rather a funny girl, are you not?” he gleamed down at me, his head turning to stare.

“Not—not telling.” I whispered, my voice cracking little by little, each small whimper that made it through my lips seemed forced out. The sun beat hard over my face, my hair falling over to the hay strands that had now became apart of my hair, sticking in into my own colored waves.

The man’s hair was over his ear, messily over his ear, and his skin was tanned and darker than me. From the looks of it, he must’ve been working in the sun for most of his life, with little beady sweat drops falling over his forehead covered by hair itself. And his eyes squinted, focused on the rocky, pebbled road ahead of him. His throat seemed to bob as his lips quivered with bits of fear. Or, at least that’s what I had thought as he whipped his horses violently, each muscle in his arm showing as his face turned in little of horror.

There were sound of horses’ shoes clapping against the pebbled ground. My heart raced in nothing but utter confusion, my breath hitched as I could feel my body on the verge of flying off the wagon. “There something to worry about?!” I yelled with little to no thought put into it other then my own fear.

But before I even could predict it, my body fell over the wagon like a rag doll, my stomach churning as I quickly felt something brush against me viciously. My ankles had burned, and arms had burned, but I felt numb to the pain as the ground itched against me. I could now only hear the crunching over the grass, and then a warm arm over my own.

“Shh, be quiet,” the man’s voice uttered, hugging me as I could comprehend him hovering over my body, attempting to stay under the grass. I could quite honestly only feel the pain of my stings, but I knew that wasn’t the only worry as a slash of a blade had occurred. A horse whimpered before there was a thud on the earths ground, men chattering with deep heavily accented voices.

My hands clambered onto the dirt, and weeds that brushed against my skin. I could sense the intensity of a breath over my paper skin, it was heavy, it was the man’s.

“Their gone,” he gulped, his voice now articulated with nothing but fear. I let out a groan from my discomforts as his arm was wrapped around me, trying to carry me up as he had easily done so in silence. “Were going to have to walk back, if there is a back.” He seemed in dread, small glass like tears running down slowly against his cheeks. I could see him, my eyes wide open, but still my lids were rather heavy.

My arms had tried to go over his shoulders, but each time something touched them, my face had winced in agony, my eyes fell over in rather nothing but how heavy they were.




I felt something scrape against me, it had stung like everything else I could remember. It was the same hay feeling, and the feeling of a touch warm over me. It twas dirty rags over a portion of my body, ripped pieces blood soaked over my wounds. And most of all, the smell of fire and something cooking had filled my nostrils with joy. My stomach grumbled as I let out a groan, trying to pick myself up.

“You don’t want’a hurt yourself darling!”


hey um bad chapter an short but i was rushed becuz yeah my mom OOF. Hope you liked it still

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Great job! I’ll write the next chapter soon.
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This has 5 upvotes yet only 1 view.... O.O
commented Feb 25 by im kanye (371,470 points)

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