#Uialfanart Contest by GemHeart

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asked Feb 24, 2020 in Art & Music Contests by -GEMHeart- (292,450 points)

DUEDATE: April 1st.


The KidzNet announcement:


I am gonna make a little #Uialfanart contest on KT and here on KN, duedate is April 1st since that's her birthday. Use the hashtag to post your artwork! Here's a quick rundown of rules:

1. Stay kid-friendly
2. Any art style allowed (hopefully your own XD)
3. Can be of just Uial or any scene so far in TTotN- even a Legolas X Uial if you'd like XD
4. Can be a sketch or finished
5. Use the hashtag #Uialfanart to enter
6. Deadline April 1st

And here's a few reference photos! I am working on her final design as well today. Since I am not gonna draw her for a while, that's why I am holding the contest. You can draw her in any style, I repeat ANY STYLE. 




HAIR: Dark brown/medium brown. 

EYES: Teal. 

AGE: Appears 15 (is really 19 yen old, or over 2900 years old)

RACE: Lorien Elf


YOU MAY ENTER A PREEXISTING OR NEW PIECE.That means, for example, Queeny could enter her preexisiting artpiece or make a brand new one. Anyway! You have a month! They will be ranked and everything. Many people have been asking about new art contests so here you are! ;)


Enter on KT under #uialfanart (call your post Uial Contest Entry), and on KN as the same hashtag, only as #UialFanart.

5 Answers

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answered Feb 25, 2020 by -GEMHeart- (292,450 points)
Thanks everyone!

Looking forward to the entries. ;)
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answered Feb 24, 2020 by Queeny (130,330 points)
Can I enter more than once?
commented Feb 25, 2020 by -GEMHeart- (292,450 points)
Yes! That's fine as well!
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answered Feb 24, 2020 by -Moonlight- (65,410 points)
I already started on one! I just need to finish it lol.
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answered Feb 24, 2020 by im kanye (374,540 points)
im gonna enter!! (:
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answered Feb 24, 2020 by ❤KittyKat❤ (120,340 points)
I have started to draw more, and I'm getting some of my confidence back, so I think I really might enter!!

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