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asked Mar 3 in Art & Music Contests by Jabber (26,620 points)

So I'm doing an art contest and I only have 3 entries so far and I need at least 4 to announce winners at the end of march

the rules are:

  1. Has to be a picture that you drew
  2. can be digital or hand drawn
  3. I'm going to be giving a shoutout to the people in 1st 2nd and 3rd place and the drawing in 1st place will be my profile pic for a month ( if thats fine with the artist )
  4. I need moree than 4 people to enter for this contest there to be winners ( because last time only 3 people entered )
  5. Post your entries in the answers section or just post it under the name Jabber's Art contest entry 
  6. Due date is last day of March
  7. HAVE FUN!!!

8 Answers

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answered Mar 30 by human
I have an art assignment due today, I’ll post that
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answered Mar 29 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (10,390 points)

Too lazy to make new ones lol. But since the rules don't say anythin against old drawings, here are my entries (if I can only enter once, I will enter the Asuna one, the one with the girl with orange hair). (Turn device sideways.)

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answered Mar 24 by jellyfishlover (37,860 points)
Ooooh, I'm gonna try to work on an entry!
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answered Mar 24 by Queeny (127,200 points)
I think since I, GemHeart, Coffee cake, Moonlight, and Artsy Cheshire Cat all entered, you have 5 entries now!
commented Mar 25 by CoralSophie08 (22,000 points)
6! (Counting me)
commented Mar 30 by human
I just entered so that’s 7
commented Mar 30 by Queeny (127,200 points)
And now that luna and jellyfish entered it's 9!
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answered Mar 24 by CoralSophie08 (22,000 points)
edited Mar 25 by CoralSophie08

My entry:

It’s a fire-breathing duck. Also, sorry if the quality is bad. I drew it in erasable colored pencils. 


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answered Mar 23 by CoralSophie08 (22,000 points)
I am working on the entry now! I’m just going to post it here because I’m lazy. But super excited!
commented Mar 24 by Jabber (26,620 points)
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answered Mar 3 by -Moonlight- (64,570 points)
Oh! I didn't know you were doing an art contest! I'll try to enter if I have time!
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answered Mar 3 by Lemony The Bean (114,310 points)
I don’t remember.... have I entered? Because I think i have, but I kinda have short-term-memory-loss sometimes XD

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