The 5th Grade Year

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asked Mar 4 in A Dose of Coral by CoralSophie08 (20,650 points)
So, every year, the 5th grade at my school does 2 things as a tradition:

-Does this thing called ‘Wax Museum’ where we have to dress up as somebody from history and recite a speech about them in first person

-Does Market Day, where we have to create a product and sell it for this made up economy which consists of ‘Smith Bucks.’

So, for Wax Museum, I am most likely going to do Misty Copeland as my person, and if I can’t do her then Jane Goodall.  But for Market Day, I’m thinking of drawing silhouettes. Not of people, but pre-drawn and a scene is shown. I have already created a few silhouettes, but I’m running out of ideas. What scenes should I draw?
commented Mar 19 by Noob~QwQ
All my school does at the end of the year is make the 5th graders walk all around the school just to say bye. I honestly would be embarrassed and shy because I have anxiety and I’m insecure
commented Mar 20 by CoralSophie08 (20,650 points)
Yeah, that’s crazy! I would probably feel that way to. At my elementary school, 6th grade isn’t in middle school, so we don’t have to that (luckily)

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answered Apr 10 by Queeny (123,740 points)
That's cool! All I did at the end of 5th grade was sip non-alcoholic fruit cocktails with my mom
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answered Apr 10 by Lemony The Bean (94,310 points)
Aaah, that’s so cool! All my school does for 5th graders is... well, nothing. Because our elementary lasts through 6th grade, the 6th graders have a small grad ceremony and we all sign each other’s sashes, but we have a middle school attached so it’s not a big event like 8th grade grad is.
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answered Apr 10 by KITTEN (618,910 points)

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