Lesbian Here!

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asked Mar 13 in LGBTQIA Club by Monkeymad60 (13,800 points)
I’m lesbian, just so you know. Wanted to get that out there and at least tell SOMEONE without them freaking out or making a big deal out of it.

So, I’ve had this crush for a while know. Or, at least, I’ve been aware of it. I’ve been in two nutcracker performances now, and one of them I had to ‘attack’ the crush (I was a rat, she was a doll, you know the story). Right after the performance, I started thinking about her a lot. How she thought of me, and what she was doing at that moment. The next year, when we started rehearsals for the 2nd nutcracker, I realized: I have a crush on her. This was kind of awkward, me being young and not knowing what to do. Only one problem with me crushing on her: She’s 5 years older than me. So that’s a let down. I still can’t help being attracted to her and other pretty girls, mostly older than me. Now, the others I don’t actually CRUSH on, I just think, ‘They’re pretty cute.’ None of them are her. She is beautiful, and an amazing dancer, and whenever I feel like doubting myself, I think of her. I am going to be devastated when she goes to college in a few years, but I don’t know how to stop crushing on her. It gets frustrating when I’m in ballet class and see her watching through the doorway, and I have to immediately do my absolutely PERFECT moves, and if I mess up I get angry at myself. How do I stop this behavior?!? It doesn’t feel normal anymore, and it makes me want to cry sometimes when I haven’t seen her in so long.

Phew, that was a lot of words. Sorry to make you read all that.

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answered Mar 13 by Kitten (567,400 points)
selected Mar 14 by Monkeymad60
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Okay, I don't accept it, but I still accept YOU as a person!
commented Mar 14 by Monkeymad60 (13,800 points)
I think that’s very noble of you. Thank you.
commented Mar 14 by Kitten (567,400 points)
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answered Mar 24 by human
Hi, i’m bi and I have loads of crushes on people who are older than me of different genders so it’s kind of awkward for me too.

I feel all sad when I haven’t seen them in a while but then when I see them I can’t seem to function as normal - I’ve learnt to deal with it. All you need to do is give it time.

i know this isn’t very helpful but hope it is of some use to someone out there xx
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answered Mar 15 by jellyfishlover (29,910 points)
I think you are obvi trying to impress her. Don't freak, she will like you anyway. If you fall in front of her, it won't change her preference. Imma lesbian, too, I get it. Girls are way cuter than boys, lol!
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answered Mar 15 by LunaLight (89,980 points)
'Nother lesbian over here!

While I do not get the crush thing, at the same time I do.
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answered Mar 15 by Jabber (24,300 points)
Awww I understand how you feel, just want to let you know that everything's gonna be OK
commented Mar 15 by Monkeymad60 (13,800 points)
Thank you!

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Do you have a crush? *realized I posted on tylers account rip*

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