Teeth Update (I might also post this in the health and fitness section)

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asked Mar 18, 2020 in A Dose of Coral by ~Purple~ (32,900 points)
I had an orthodontist appointment today, to see how my teeth were doing. It went pretty well. He said I was going to need an expander.

Basically, if you want info about that, Jellyfishlover should give you some, as she currently has one. I’m going to get separators/spacers on April first, then the following week I’ll get fitted for my expander. After about 3 months of the expander, I’ll get braces. The sad part: I have to wear braces AND an expander at the SAME TIME. AGHHHH

Freaking out!! This is the first step to getting my tooth that is almost directly behind my other tooth fixed, but still! Aghhhh! I’m nervous, because some people say the glue tastes bad. Help!
commented Mar 27, 2020 by ~Purple~ (32,900 points)
Welp, the spacers aren’t coming in April 1st anymore! Stupid coronavirus.

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answered Mar 19 by ~Ash~ (89,510 points)
It’s alright, I had those once too. It’s not that bad and after a while, it won’t hurt.
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answered Mar 19 by JD2005
Oof. Hope it's not too bad. :(

Luckily, I never had to get an expander/braces so IDK how it feels like.
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answered Mar 19 by EloquentRacer92
Oof! I had an expander too, (I have braces) but I don't have then on at the same time.
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answered Sep 17, 2020 by WelshTerriersss (22,140 points)

Awww! I feel ya girl! I had to wear braces and an expander at the same time too! Yes, the glue doesn't taste great, and your mouth will be sore for about 5 days, but ice cream and hot, salty water helps a lot with the pain! You also shouldn't eat popcorn or chew gum, (XD I shouldn't have done that when I had mine) and, it'll actually feel normal after the five days! You may talk funny right after you get your appliances, but your mouth will get used to them! Also, spacers only feel like chunks of meat in your tooth. Hope this helped!



P.S. I'm sorry this may be too late!

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answered Mar 18, 2020 by AnimeLover
The glue is sorta sour its not the taste you want in your mouth but its not the worst
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answered Mar 18, 2020 by PrincessJelly (53,210 points)
The glue does taste bad. You just havtta try not to swallow a lot while they put it in. Food kinda helps, but you can still taste the glue a little. It was the next day when I couldn't taste it anymore. It's a little uncomfortable when you have to get it to expand. To get the food out, you either suck it in or blow air outward and spit it out. Just some advice, I hope it helps!

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