Loca Novis (co-op between toad aka star and ArtistGirl) Chapter 7

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Loca Novis

Chapter 7 by ArtistGirl


Alexa stood in the shadows of the doorway to her room, watching as Peg opened the door. “Oh, hello there, deary. So wonderful to see you again… back at Peg’s old home. Peg has missed you, deary.” A man walked through the door, carrying a girl whose yellow shirt was soaked through with blood. Alexa noticed that the man was almost identical to a small clay doll she had seen lying around the house. A small clay doll she had seen Peg poking with a needle while whispering unrecognizable words… Alexa peered at a spot just behind the man’s elbow, and sure enough there was a wound there, poked through by Peg’s needle. 

“Peg, I need your help. This is… a friend of mine. She needs your healing powers to heal her wounds. I’m afraid…” His voice trailed off, then started up again, this time softer. “I’m afraid they could be fatal.” Peg glanced at the girl, then motioned to a couch. “Lay down her there, I’ll see what I can do.” A skull that was on a shelf caught Peg’s attention. “What’s the matter, my sweet?” She asked it. “C’mon, you can tell old Peg.” She paused. “Wait, you mean to say- really? All righty, Peg will.” She turned to the man and whispered something to him. A power-hungry look appeared on his face, and he rubbed his long fingers together, making Alexa feel scared. 

Peg and the man went into the kitchen to get ingredients for a potion of some sort. Alexa took this chance to get out of her hiding place and run towards the girl. “Hurry!” she whispered. “We’ve got to get out of here!” The girl groaned. “Why?” she asked. “I’ll tell you later. They’re coming!”


Alexa, struggling to carry the girl, dashed out the door and into the safety of the Rune Forest, just before Peg and the man came back into the room with their supplies. Peg cursed under her breath. “Find her!”


Meanwhile, Alexa and the girl had gotten far enough into the woods to take a break. Alexa set the girl down on a bed of moss. “What’s your name?” Alexa asked. The girl tried hard to force the words out of her mouth. “Here” Alexa said, handing her the canteen she kept strapped under her clothes. “Water might help.” The girl took a long drink of water and cleared her throat. “I’m Lilac.” she said. “Who are you?” “Alexa.” she responded. 


“And what do you want with me?” Lilac asked. “I just wanted to help you.” Alexa said kindly. “I know that whatever Peg and that man wanted for you probably wasn’t to save you.” “Thank you.” Lilac said. Then she fell fast asleep, resting her head on her arm as she lay on the moss. Soon afterwards, Alexa was asleep too, sitting up against a tree. 


A/N Sorry it was kinda short. Hope you liked it! 

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Loved it! I will follow up sometimes next/this week :)

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