Waluigi's Apartment 2: Dark Moon Pie!

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asked Mar 23 in Games / Toys by SnickerDoodles

The Sequel! I hope you guys enjoy it! Now, Waluigi can attack in 2 different directions. I'm thinking Waluigi's Apartment 3 will have Wario as Player 2!

Anyways enjoy!



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answered Mar 24 by toad aka star (345,600 points)
i like it a lot!
commented Mar 24 by SnickerDoodles

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Today is March the 14th, also known as Pi day! 3.14!!!!!

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Can anyone write the awanser of pie thanks.

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From Chinese proverb. Daily precepts from 365 days of wonder.

asked Jan 23, 2016 in Non-Fiction by Lou Lou

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