If a person can walk 5 miles an hour why did it take my dad 10 years to get the milk

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asked Mar 25 in Guessing Games by Farrah
If a person can walk 5 miles an hour , why did it take my dad 10 years to git the milk

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answered Mar 26 by ^~ Luna ~^
He took 10 years because he walked for 200 hours idk i think it’s a riddle but I’m not good at maths if this includes math
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answered Mar 25 by toad aka star (345,600 points)
Sorry man but he was too busy with his other fam.

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If a person can walk 5 miles an hour , why did it take my dad 10 years to git the milk

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you will get bonuses points for answering this question "how do you get to space"

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