Debunking myths, stereotypes and lies about LGBT+ people

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asked Mar 26, 2020 in LGBTQIA Club by human

1. Lesbians are really mannish and sporty and gays are very effeminate and flamboyant.

This is a stereotype and although it is sometimes true, I know plenty of very feminine lesbians and masculine gays.

2. Bisexuals fancy everybody that has ever existed ever.

Actually, just because bisexuals have the opportunity to fancy twice as many people as you doesn’t mean they do. 

3. It takes takes years and years to figure out your sexuality/gender identity.

For some people, this does take years to figure out and their sexuality/gender identity is a journey in itself. However, it takes a lot of people about 3-6 months to figure out their sexuality, and some people just know these things without even thinking about it.

4. Because it takes years and years to figure it out, kids can’t possibly decide yet.

This is sooooo not true! I’m only 11 and there are plenty of LGBT+ kids on KT around my age. Kids think about themselves in a way that others don’t and so if they know they’re gay, you can’t say “you’re too young to know that,”

5. Being LGBT+ is wrong/sinful.

Why? If you believe in any god(s), you probably believe it/they created everything, right? If it/they created everything, they created LGBT+ people too!

6. LGBT+ people are not religious, as being LGBT+ is not supported in most religions.

I know plenty of very religious LGBT+ people. According to Wikipedia, 60% of LGBT+ people regard their faith as one of the most important aspects of their life. It is possible to be LGBT+ and live in harmony with any religion!

7. All gay people have a hyper-aware ‘gaydar’.

This one is tough; some gay people have a very definitive and accurate ‘gaydar’, while others don’t. I don’t really have a very good one, but sometimes I can tell if a person is LGBT+.

8. Trans people are drag queens.

Some trans women have been pioneers of the drag world, but the majority are just normal people who feel they are another gender than the body they were born in.

9. There is a scientific explanation or a ‘reason’ for people being LGBT+.

There is nothing in the water we drink that makes people gay! Neither is it a genetic or hormonal mutation. It is a personal choice based on feelings and there is no ‘reason’ other than gender and love.

10. You decide to be LGBT+ and this decision can be changed, like choosing fries or salad.

It is true, trans people have transitioned and the de-transitioned, and there are gay people who discover they were straight after all, but it is not as easy as choosing to wear a red t-shirt instead of a green one. You don’t think, ‘I want to be lesbian!’ you think ‘I’m lesbian.’ You also cannot ‘cure’ people of being LGBT+. It’s not a sickness. Conversion therapy is wrong, and doesn’t work. If someone is lesbian, they’ve been lesbian since the day they were born, and nothing will change that except if their personal feelings change.

11. Everyone is born straight.

The thing is, society has adjusted to be so heteronormative that being fluid in who you are attracted to has become a sin. If people who are homosexual are ‘not normal’, why aren’t heterosexual people also ‘not normal’? They are both extremes on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Everyone is born bisexual, so straight people should come out as well.

12. LGBT+ people are not ‘normal’.

I don’t get this bit of ‘logic’. Of course they are normal! They are humans, like the rest of us! They are not evil. They are just people who happen to be slightly different to you. Sexuality is as diverse as hair colour, and no one gets executed for being a redhead! LGBT+ people appear to be a minority, but if you dig a little deeper, a lot of people are LGBT+ in some way!


I hope you enjoyed reading this, and it made you think a bit. If I have changed your opinions, great! If I haven’t and you would like to start a debate, please answer and I will reply as quickly as I can (if I’m not asleep). Don’t hate though. Sorry it was so long! xx :)

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answered Nov 13, 2020 by The Queer Deer
I get your point but redheads were executed a couple hundred years ago because they were considered witches. Interesting fact there.
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answered Apr 4, 2020 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (10,720 points)
1. Yeah I can't say nothing about dat. I am lesbian and I am not feminine.

2. Well I would not know first hand, but bisexuality is just like any other, people who like girls don't necessarily like every girl nor the same with guys.

3. When I figured out what lesbian was, it took me a couple months.

4. All of friends are LGBT+ or allies.

5. Well here's the thing, since if I am religious at all, I believe in the Greek Gods and Goddesses, and there have been quite a few LGBT+ moments in their history, so if it's wrong, the gods themselves did it so who cares.

6. Atheist-Hellenist here.

7. The gaydar is strong with this one. I can tell very easily if someone is gay or not. Sometimes bi and almost always if they are trans or fluid.

8. No not necessarily.

9. Gay water huh... *drinks gay water by the gallons*

10. Yeah no. I am gay.

11. Ha, no. And yeah, I wish every were assumed bisexual until they chose so it is at least less hetronormitive, though it would be better without assumptions at all.

12. HE- Well, they have a point, I am not normal. I aM a PoTaTo!.!.!
commented Apr 4, 2020 by human
Very funny and true commentary. How do all us LGBT+ peeps on here have pretty much identical opinions? Maybe we’re just very awesome, like-minded, logical people :)
commented Apr 4, 2020 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (10,720 points)
Yeah pretty much I guess lol.
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answered Mar 27, 2020 by PrincessJelly (52,860 points)
This is all true! Thank you! I always find it weird that there are a ton of tik toks on how a 'lesbian' should look, I do none of those things that make me look like that! I'm obviously a fem lesbian.
commented Mar 27, 2020 by human
np I really enjoy making these posts and I will continue to do so! Yes I find tiktok strange too, especially the straight people making tiktoks about LGBT+ people.
commented Mar 27, 2020 by PrincessJelly (52,860 points)
Yeah, it's a little confusing.
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answered Mar 26, 2020 by ~Purple~ (32,700 points)
I have for sure heard some of these myths. Here is my  commentary:

1.  I am in the category of ‘feminine lesbian.’ IM A RAINBOOOOWW

2. I can see why some people think it’s true, but like... really?

3. I’m 11, and figured out my sexuality at 10 3/4. I think the reason people think this is some people may not even know about the lgbtq+ community until later on. Like you kind of said, it’s different for everybody.

4. Again, I agree. See 3rd commentary.

5. Your response is completely logical!

6. No comment

7. I personally have a meh ‘gaydar,’ even though I have had my thoughts on a couple people.

8. No comment, you read my mind

9. There is no science behind loving a person of the same gender. It is literally the same science as loving the opposite gender.

10. I agree with your reply 100%.

11. Again, your answer is logical.

12.  Gay people think straight people are weird, and vice versa. There are two sides to every issue.

Thank you for writing this! It breaks a lot of common myths.
commented Mar 26, 2020 by human
It was nice reading your commentary - we seem to be very like-minded. No problem, I really enjoy writing these posts and I’ll keep them coming. You’re a good friend Monkey :)
commented Mar 27, 2020 by ~Purple~ (32,700 points)
:) You too! You’re an amazing person.
commented Mar 27, 2020 by human
aww thanks so much!
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answered Mar 26, 2020 by Ammy-k (40,320 points)

What you were saying about red heads not getting killed is actually quite intriguing. If you think about it, humans will always find a way to hurt or have each other. No matter what they do, some people are just always hated for the tiniest little things. I guess we just have to learn to deal with that.

Anyway, I really like hearing all different viewpoints, so this post was really interesting to read.
commented Mar 26, 2020 by human
It literally took me nearly an hour to write that post (lol) thanks, it really means a lot :)
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answered Mar 26, 2020 by Pumpkin (693,970 points)
I have never heard of these myths.
commented Mar 26, 2020 by human
Hi Kitten, I find that quite odd that you’ve not heard any of these before. This is a list of some social stereotypes I have heard, lies that homophobes tell and common myths and misconceptions about LGBT+ people.
commented Mar 26, 2020 by Pumpkin (693,970 points)
weird. I know i am not homophobic

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