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asked Mar 26 in LGBTQIA Club by jellyfishlover (29,910 points)
Being LGBTQ+ isn't a lifestyle. I know that is some religion's belives, but, it isn't a lifestyle. It's just the way we are.

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answered 1 day ago by human
I don’t get why Christians say being gay is wrong because in Leviticus it says men doing s*x with each other is punishable by stoning to death, but it also says that anyone who eats a shellfish should be stoned to death.
commented 16 hours ago by jellyfishlover (29,910 points)
IKR?! I really don’t get the logic behind being gay it’s a sin.
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answered Mar 27 by Kitten (567,400 points)
I respect your opinion
commented Mar 28 by jellyfishlover (29,910 points)
Ok, but why is it so hard for some religious people to understand there is nothing wrong with us?!
commented 2 days ago by toad aka star (345,600 points)
Because in Christianity (and most other religion) it is a sin, if a Christian believes it is right, he/she is no longer a real Christian because he/she rejects The Word. But if you are also homophobic you are also a "fake" Christian because it is another form of rejection from The Word.
commented 2 days ago by jellyfishlover (29,910 points)
What is “The Word”?!
commented 2 days ago by toad aka star (345,600 points)
The Word is Jesus Christ.
commented 2 days ago by jellyfishlover (29,910 points)
commented 2 days ago by Kitten (567,400 points)
Beimg gay is a sin
commented 2 days ago by Kitten (567,400 points)
The world is not christ. The world is evil earthly desires.
commented 1 day ago by jellyfishlover (29,910 points)
Why is being gay a sin?! What’s the logic behind that?! We’re all human!
commented 1 day ago by Kitten (567,400 points)
its against god's ideas
commented 1 day ago by toad aka star (345,600 points)
It goes against God's creation. Their bodies crave the opposite gender yet their minds lean to the same. Were all sinners, even me, you, everyone. Sometimes I wish it wasn't like that.
commented 1 day ago by Kitten (567,400 points)
Agreed knight!
commented 1 day ago by jellyfishlover (29,910 points)
We do not “crave the opposite gender, but our minds lean toward the same”! You could be bi, like me, and like both! Or you could just like the same gender! I mean, what if straight people were a sin?! If we’re a sin, are we gonna go to hell?! Wasn’t God the one who ‘created us’?! Cause if He did, He made us gay! It’s not our fault!
commented 1 day ago by jellyfishlover (29,910 points)
And if God had this idea of making us all straight, why didn’t He?!
commented 16 hours ago by human
Isn’t Christianity based on the idea that love is the most important thing in the world? Surely it doesn’t matter what gender the love is between, but that it is love and not hatred between these people?

Get some perspective please, the world has much more important things to deal with than two people slightly objecting to two girls / boys who love each other.
commented 13 hours ago by Kitten (567,400 points)
I still love you all as a friend. Sin is not hate. Sin is human and we all have to deal with sin.
commented 12 hours ago by toad aka star (345,600 points)
When I say they crave the opposite gender, I don't think you know what that means because you seem to be too young. Their bodies create an imitation of the opposite gender because they simple can't provide that for each other.

This is a conversation on if in Christianity it is sin or not, which it is. I don't think you have studied nor read the bible, anything that goes against God's creation is not moral. Christianity has a lot of love but it isn't based on it?

I do believe gay people can do what they wish, be who they want, etc. But there is no argument on how it is sin or not, because in the Bible in all forms it is sin. In the Bible it says that a man shall not sleep with another man they way that they sleep with a woman. God created a picture where everyone paints it, and others paint that picture regarding themselves.

In my opinion, I don't care for gays as long as they aren't doing anything harmful. They can do whatever, even if it is against God, who are we to judge. Only God should judge them on their final day.

I suggest you to read the Bible since you seem rather interested in the topic. I respect your opinion on Christianity.

(Oh yes, and in response to 'if God had intended people to be straight, then he should have made everyone so'. I think a lot of people forget Satan exists, and God - even though he is the King of all Kings - has no control over how Satan brides us. Like I said before, Satan is the Prince of Earth.)
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answered Mar 27 by Awesome Space Kitten (1,440 points)
I get you.
commented Mar 28 by jellyfishlover (29,910 points)
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answered Mar 26 by Ammy-k (28,450 points)
Interesting viewpoint.
commented Mar 26 by jellyfishlover (29,910 points)
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answered Mar 26 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (4,370 points)

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