Do you think guns should be banned in the USA?

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asked Mar 28, 2020 in Debate by human
Here in the UK there are laws restricting guns from being bought. Unless you have a license, you can’t legally own a gun. This means that gun violence rates in the UK are much lower than the US.

I think that guns in the US should be made illegal. Lots of people say, ‘How will we defend ourselves if they take away our guns?’ and the answer is simple - if you take away all the guns, there’s no need to defend yourself because all the other people don’t have any guns either.

What do you think?

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answered Jan 16 by EloquentRacer92
this post should be hidden because they are talking about g*ns
commented Jan 16 by Ammy-k (32,600 points)
Is that not allowed on KidzTalk? I'll go try to see if it is.
commented Jan 16 by Ammy-k (32,600 points)

Okay, according to the KidzTalk FAQ,

 "You can ask anything that is family-friendly (i.e., Disney would approve it). It must also have content value to be approved by our editors"

Disney does in fact have guns in some of its movies. Bambi's mother is shot by a hunter, and I believe Gaston has a gun in the newer Beauty and the Beast. He even shoots the beast later on. (I'm not sure if he had a gun in the first version.) These are just a few examples. Also, the KidzTalk approved this post.

In conclusion, this post works inside KidzSearch's guidelines and it does not deserve to be taken down.

commented Jan 16 by LunaLight (113,180 points)
Yes, because little kids aren't aware that guns exist *sarcasm*. Really, all KS takes down is 18+ things that I won't explain, extreme drama if requested, and swearing is censored. Speaking of, guns doesn't have to be censored with g*ns.
commented Jan 17 by EloquentRacer92
ok Ammy-k
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answered Jan 15 by LunaLight (113,180 points)
Criminals don't care if you make them illegal, there will still be illegal gun trades. And when criminals have the guns, but law-abiding citizens don't, then it is a recipe for disaster.
commented Jan 15 by Cowboy Guy
commented Jan 15 by LunaLight (113,180 points)
Nice to see someone else passionate about gun rights.
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answered Jan 15 by Somebody...
No, because the army needs guns to protect our country.
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answered Jan 15 by Cowboy Guy

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!!???!!!??!! The second ammendment states that the people have the right to keep and bear arms! And let me tell you now, that if they ever attempted to take away firearms, there would be another either a)revolution or b) civil war. I mean, think about it. Imagine the people trying to fight against the anti-gun people. Who do you think is going to win? Oh, sure, you can use the military, but the armed folks still aren't going to give them up without a fight. I HATE it when people try to mess with our constitutional rights. And being able to have firearms is one of those. Besides, don't you guys think that there might be a reason that people carry and have them in their house (other than because they're awesome and fun to mess with.....)? Where I am, there is a single police officer for the entire county. It takes him about ten-fifteen minutes to get to my house, which is in the country, outside of town. A lot of stuff can happen in ten minutes. Heck, a lot of stuff can happen in a few seconds! Even in the city, it'll take at least 2.5 minutes for police to get to you. If you have to defend yourself, you can't just tell a crazy guy with a semi-automatic pistol aimed at your face, "Hold on a minute; I have to call the cops. Then wait a few more minutes for them to get here, then we can continue." No! You have to do something. If that means using your weapon on another individual, then that might be what has to happen. Personally, I would instead, if forced to, use the weapon on a non-fatal place, like the outside of the leg, since I'm a bit of a pacifist and hate unnecessary violence. It would be better to have something like pepper spray. Still, our right to arms cannot be taken away. It doesn't even make sense, to be honest.

commented Jan 15 by Cowboy Guy
Besides that, criminals will find a way around it. Are you just going to ban kitchen knives, too? I mean, the UK has more stabbings than shootings because of their gun limits. Then what, cars? Forks? C'mon, people! Think!
commented Jan 15 by *Greenie*
I like you a lot but this I disagree with. I have mixed feelings about this topic. I think if you are safe or in the military you can own a gun, but illegally, no. I think we all have to be safe. I do respect your opinions :)
commented Jan 15 by LunaLight (113,180 points)

*clap clap clap* Well-said my dude. That's exactly right. And as for if it happened, there are militias for that. There are militias (with like, warehouses full of guns) whose purpose is to revolt if America's constitutional rights are taken away. Most people see them as a bad thing since militias are technically illegal, but if rights are taken away, it's good to have non-government arms to defend the people's rights. It would be an abuse of power if the government removed a constitutional right from the people.

commented Jan 22 by Cowboy Guy
Of course if you're a, say, felon (cough, Lil Wayne, cough), then you probably shouldn't have unrestricted access to weapons. But I appreciate your respectfullness toward my contrasting opinions.
commented Jan 22 by LunaLight (113,180 points)
I still support militias. I don't trust the government, especially considering I can predict a civil war in the next few years, and if the people and everyone but the military is not allowed to have guns, then that is gonna be the cause. Militias will act once the right to bear arms is gone, before the guns even get taken away, as soon as the right gets taken away. Besides, if the guns do get taken away, the people will be made defenseless against the government and military, and I don't like the thought of the government having full power. In America, the government is not, should not, and was meant not to have full power or any more power than the people. If people no longer have the most power, then the purpose of America breaks.
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answered Mar 28, 2020 by Ammy-k (32,600 points)
They should probably be made a little harder to obtain or slightly less dangerous.
commented Jan 15 by LunaLight (113,180 points)
How would you make a gun less dangerous? It's dangerous for a reason.
commented Jan 15 by Ammy-k (32,600 points)
True, Luna. XD

Looking back, what I said doesn't make much sense. I think I meant put more safety measures on the actual gun, but that seems a little bad in life-or-death situations.
commented Jan 16 by LunaLight (113,180 points)
Lol yea.
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answered Mar 28, 2020 by im kanye (373,560 points)
I live in the US and I believe they should not be banned, I believe in hunting your own food so.
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answered Mar 28, 2020 by pumpkin (677,470 points)
Yes they should be banned.
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answered Mar 28, 2020 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (10,650 points)
I have made my point on this before (search for the post Change My Mind- Or Fight Me). It think they should not be banned. If there was a gun ban, there would still be criminals with guns, they don't follow laws and would still get them probably on the black market. But for the law-abiding citizens, you take the guns away and they will not be able to defend themselves.
commented Mar 29, 2020 by human
Maybe they could ban the guns and then go to everyone’s houses and search for the guns they own and take away the guns? Yeah, the black market would have lots of guns for sale after the ban so guns would be pretty easy for criminals to obtain. I’m basically making points against myself now but I guess the government could figure that out, idk.
commented Mar 29, 2020 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (10,650 points)
The govenment still has not found many criminal hideouts, where they could stash the guns. And the black market and dark web have been around for years, it is unlikely to go away or for the government to shut it down.
commented Mar 30, 2020 by human
That’s true. You have a lot of good arguments and I have none lol. I guess we’ll just agree to disagree?
commented Mar 30, 2020 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (10,650 points)
Sounds good to me. One of the things I talk about a lot is that everyone has there own opinions, just respect them. I can see your side of the argument too, it would be better if gus we'e gone, I just think that a ban wouldn't be able to do so.
commented Mar 30, 2020 by human
Yeah, I guess a ban on guns wouldn’t really work, people would always find a way to get around rules like that.
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answered Mar 28, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (121,180 points)
I don’t knows bout me, I don’t like to have an opinion on this matter. But my dad and brother enjoy shooting targets/doves, and I don’t have a problem with that. I mean, I don’t really like hunting, would never do it myself, but it’s enjoyable to them, and I wouldnt wanna take that away from them.

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