COVID-19 Special Broadcast BY LLM STUDIO

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A/N: I am trying to give you the guidelines in a more fun way! I hope this brightened your day!

LLM: Hello, everyone. Today’s show is being broadcasted from quarantine. If you are wondering how that works, we have a home recording studio that we designed for this situation. I think we are both doing fine with the arrangement. 

M (Molly): If fine means extremely bored. And because of some stupid thing the vet said I can’t even go for walks!!!

LLM: It’s for your own good. 

M: But she also told me I was fat. How am I supposed to lose weight if I can’t exercise?

LLM: You are supposed to lose weight AFTER your leg heals.

M: Makes no sense to me. 

LLM: *decides not to argue* Well today we are doing a special COVID-19 broadcast. Some of it may be depressing but we will try to lighten the mood. *nudges Molly*

M: *sarcastic* Ohh yes we will totally try to lighten the mood of this horrible broadcast. 

LLM: *ignoring Molly’s sarcasm* Yes we will! So today we will talk about the social distancing guidelines. 

M: *sarcasm* That sounds very interesting!!!!

LLM: *looking down at clipboard* for starters will answer the question *looks at Molly*

M: *suddenly comes back to earth* *sarcastic* What is social distancing? Because no one knows what that means.

LLM: Social distancing is staying at least 6 feet or 2 meters away from everyone. Also, you don’t gather in groups. You also are advised to avoid crowded places. 

M: I’ll social distance from cats.

LLM: This helps slow the spread of COVID-19. We and everyone else advise you to follow the guidelines people have given you for where you live. Like me and Molly here are following the guidelines for Minnesota. Now Molly, what is our next topic?

M: *lazily* What is the difference between quarantine and isolation? 

LLM: Quarantine is used for seperating people that could be sick so they don’t spread it to other people. Were isolation is for people we know are sick!

M: *asleep*

LLM: *whisper yell at Molly* wake up!!

M: *still asleep*

LLM: *snaps fingers loudly in front of Molly’s face*

M: *jumps straight up* I was always awake!

LLM: Yeah right. You were snoring. 

M: *yawn* 

LLM: On a brighter note, we will be starting a Bored in Quarantine Series. More information will be out soon like the times of the broadcast. 

M: *sarcastic* Can’t wait. 

LLM: Thanks to the CDC! Their website is where we got this information. And thanks to our sistering shows the GH Type Show and AG’s Q & A. 

M: *sarcastic* Bye. I’ll miss you. 

LLM: We really will! See you at our next broadcast!



Distributed by KidzSearch International Broadcasting Network

Recorded by LLM Studio

Hosted by LLM and Molly

Written by LLM 

See our sistering type shows: The GH Type Show and AG's Type Show. 

See you next time!


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Good job LLM!

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